A Post On Lynching That Didn’t Go To Facebook
September 9, 2014, 10:58 am
Filed under: Human Potential

Once more, I’m posting a bunch of stuff to Facebook today, maybe seven posts or so so far and this one would not go up, so I’m posting it here. I tried clicking the “post” button a bunch a times, but this post would not post, so here goes…

“The Reckoning For The End of The Whirl: Lynching sounds rough, huh? What do you imagine is justice for all those who were lynched by the heartless and the dickless among us who went along with it when they knew it was wrong? Or those who intentionally tie others down in fake marriages to intentionally keep them from black soul mates because they know it will mean the end of the world? Those things, they prey and taunt and laugh behind the scenes at all the mischeif they cause. Shouldn’t there be a balancing for that, a reckoning? Rid the earth of such filfth when it has been rightfully revealed to be that and only that, deception and nothing other than that, a dirty, nasty film over the truth called false appearances meant to mislead and kill you (just hoping you to kill yourself, really or feel completely alone and hopeless of ever having anything you ever wanted)?”

Was I wrong for being so violent? I don’t know, I figure not. I figure the violence within has some place even though it never fit in devil whirl where I was supposed to take a barage of indirect insults with a smile and pretend my heart that was hurting and angry and violent-teeming as hell was a mistake, something to hide, something to be ashamed of, something to swallow. I swallowed my anger and was a shell of a person all my life, so I figure it’s time I trusted myself over the shallow and restrictive and gilded world out there where what people say and do almost never reflects what they feel and think beneath the surface. A hollow, scary surprise, a jack-o-lantern is what the world is, what the average person is. It’s Holloween everyday, a scary place, this devil whirl.


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