Hi, Hello, Hey, Hey, Yeah, Hiiiiii… An Update

Well, not many blog views today and no interview requests. I guess I’m all “washed up and ain’t no fuckin’ soap involved” (Nicki Minaj in remix of “Flawless”).

Well, in other news, the Facebook posts I shared are still there. I’m glad those voices (from those saying the posts would be removed and to “keep your hands off my husband”) realized I was just a crazy person sharing photos from a farm that has the mark of the beast. I mean, who says stuff like that? So glad they’ve realized that I don’t know what I’m talking about, so they can move on. Or perhaps better, I shared with you why they shouldn’t be able to censor people so much, and, perhaps, that made all the difference.

Crumptown Farm = Pfur Marc Town (Farmville, VA)

Pfur like pfizer, I think, like pills and potions, or like what lotus eaters eat, but it would be all “good” farms, really, not just this one. Anything good here is really meant for the continuation of devil whirl, everything “bad” here would end it (as long as your heart is in it), things like interracial dating (and mating), black people, rebelliousness, doing whatever the hell you want, saying inappropriate stuff (i.e. whatever the hell you want), schizophrenia, pursuing a married man who is your soul mate, insulting an upstanding white family business. Going to Pfarmer’s markets is not a “bad” thing, but a “good” thing and should be avoided at all costs, well at least according to my experience and the voices.

I heard some stuff akin to that the reason I didn’t get stuff taken down on Facebook was because I saw that there was a reason beyond insulting a farm that I was posting stuff. I was sounding an alarm. I got something akin to that I have no “antagonist,” and I assumed that meant that someone who was seemingly on the other side was really on my side.

I’m assuming that’s my soul mate who is a seeming part of the farm, but who is not a devil worshiper, like the rest of those involved. I imagine, because of my experience at the farmer’s market I’ve been to before though, that a lot of them are devil worshipers. It’s been very racist at the one I’ve mentioned here before and racism is of the devil. The market was South of the James Market in Richmond, VA.

It seems like a good thing when a lot of white people do a thing, like “community service” or “philanthropy,” or getting married. But it’s not because this is devil whirl and everything is upside down. Everything “good” is really about abandoning yourself and who you really are, abandoning the self who would tell you something is very wrong with the world today and a lot of things here, racism is a huge and central problem that most people ignore and turn the other cheek from.


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