Your Whitey Wish Come True: A World Without Blacks

I just heard a disturbing voice about how when the end of the world comes there will be a chance for the devil or I suppose the “good” side (the same “good” side that supported “civilized” slavery and racial segregation, institutions supported by the Bible in their hay days) will flush the earth of its filth or dirt. I suppose that means black people. Well, good, time for white people to be upfront in their hatred and rejection of blacks instead of smiling in my face while you go live in your fancy, segregated white neighborhood and worship your and your friends’ and families’ lily white marriages. If you want a world without black people, i.e. your neighborhood, your marriages, your church and circle of friends, so fucking be it.

You thought it sucked with us, wait til you see it without us. So fucking good for you racist bastards. You want to REJECT BLACK PEOPLE ALL DAY, EVERY FUCKING DAY and pretend they don’t exist, so be it. Stop being fake about it and face the fucking truth. You and Latinos and Asians and Middle Easterners are whom this world seems to be made for and so well-suited for, then so fucking be it. Go be miserable without someone to pretend you’re better than.

By the way, the text on my page: getting smaller and smaller (C-O-N-spiracy to shut me up about the TRUTH). I’m just telling you what you’re doing. Time you saw the reality of it. Blacks don’t deserve to be on the bottom, but since you think they do, then go ahead and kiss them goodbye.


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[…] Your Whitey Wish Come True: A World Without Blacks […]

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