WordPress Altering This Blog Without My Permission
September 6, 2014, 11:11 am
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Somehow WordPress has altered the appearance of this blog, making the titles to posts smaller and some text on the blog, like other “title-like” text is smaller, not bolded like it used to be. Not sure how someone can decide to change this blog that really is no one’s business. But it should perhaps suggest to you that there’s something to what I’m saying when these large entities like WordPress or whomever changed the text has NOTHING better to do than to harass me and alter a blog that is just that of an individual expressing her views like every other blog. Why don’t you mind your business, like running this thing for a very large number of people other than me?????

I think they’re making the text smaller too like when I’m typing posts, maybe to deter me and make me go away. I do have another address or domain I bought to start a blog, I just don’t feel like doing all the work associated with it, but I’ll get around to it. Oh, and soon I’ll post about the person I thought was my soul mate, some FISHY stuff going on with that person. Apparently the situation and the person had a lot more to do with some Satanic stuff than I thought just by looking at the Facebook page for the person’s business with his wife, their farm is Crumptown Farm in Farmville, VA.


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[…] want to name who I’m talking about, but I will wait on this, even though I named it in another post. I just feel there is more going on with this farm than my own personal gripes. I feel it has to do […]

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