I complained in the previous post that the blog titles were suddenly smaller today, harder to read and not in bold print like they used to be. I complained and asked about this on the WordPress support forum and here’s the response I got on why the blog suddenly changed sometime this morning:

“The theme you are using is a retired theme that’s only available for use on blogs that were registered prior to retirement.”

I don’t believe it, but I will I guess just try to get a new site instead of putting energy into something that is GOING TO JUST CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Total bull shit, which I guess is the price you pay for something free. Nothing is free in devil whirl. Just heard a voice earlier saying that I was the only one living in “devil whirl” and that it was a house a cards. Ah, just more deception THAT EVERY DUMB BITCH HERE GOES ALONG WITH BY PRETENDING THAT NOTHING IS WRONG. THANKS LIARS!!!! Next time someone tells you to smile at work, know what they’re asking you to do: Deceive and deceive and deceive some more. Or when they say, “Just be happy you have a job,” know what they’re telling you to do. LIE.

Stop lying for money or for appearances or for anything. Stop. It’s deception. It’s insanity and you pretend people have a chemical imbalance in the brain but you are walking INSANITY.


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