Free Speech, God’s World Under Attack (Murder, Bloody Murder!)

I keep hearing voices saying for me to take down stuff I posted on Facebook. I think it was the voice of the wife of my soul mate. One said take down what you said about my son. It said, (lame I know), “Keep your hands off my husband,” and that her husband was like my last soul mate (also white and married) who didn’t want me.

The voice said that I was not in command here. Then just now I heard a voice say that Facebook was taking down every one of my posts. (Here’s a link to my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/marla.luster)

I posted a lot of posts on Facebook today after I saw some photos on the Facebook page of the farm my soul mate has with his so-called wife. I do believe something they’re doing is Satanic, lots of symbolism in all the stuff they do practically, very strange. Like there was a photo of just a frog clock once and a message saying time was running out to do their CSA box.

On the surface it sounds innocent, but reptiles are signs of the devil. Reptilian rule, where one adjusts himself to what is outside, is the devil’s rule. The reptilian rule here is easily observable in our actions of adjusting ourselves to the ways the crowd instead of being individuals, like reptiles adjust their body temperature to whatever the temperature is outside.

Also, there was just this photo I reposted today from the farm’s page saying “Attack of The Killer Tomatoes” with a photo of some tomato plants budding. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is a movie about these tomatoes that invade the Earth, that’s what the devil did, I do believe the devil is from outer space, and that’s what I’ve kind of gotten from other places. What the decoys/demons, or whatever, like Baphomet, are doing is trying to run earth when it’s not their planet, it’s God’s.

Also, another post on their page that I didn’t repost labels a picture of a okra plant with a face carved on it and the post said, “Spooky okra man says this is what is for sale at the market today.” Okra in Hindu is “bhindi,” and “bindi” is the symbol for the third eye, which can be symbolic for telepathy. I think my soul mate was “Okra man,” and I think he is telepathic and that he talks to me.

I know it sounds crazy, but remember you’ve been conditioned by devil whirl NOT to believe the truth, not to believe in telepathy. I think the devil worshipers are somehow required to say things that would tell us what’s going on, but in order to see it we would have to trust ourselves or believe in ourselves over the world. I think that is somehow part of the “deal” they have for God to allow their invasion, we have to somehow allow it.

Anyway, it’s unfair that devil worshipers can do all these passive, underhanded things to say stuff and yet you are not allowed to comment on it in a world where free speech is punishable by law and by censorship on places like Facebook, and the last time I had a problem there they did not even let me have a chance to view the comments they removed except for once before they were gone forever. Had I known they would remove them permanently, I would’ve saved them for myself.

Anyway, I guess it sounds like I’m calling the person I THINK is my soul mate a devil worshiper, but I guess I’m figuring out the truth and I guess I’m hoping he’s NOT, like I think the rest of the family IS, but, as I say this, let me be clear: There are LOTS of devil worshipers here. Lots. It’s not just like a religion, it’s a way of life.

The way of life is racial oppression and suppression of people being different (and suppression of human emotion) just to make sure people are always run from the outside and always stay the same. Diversity would suggest that there is more than one way to be “right” or more than one way of doing things and that people could take chances and do what’s in their hearts, not always look outside.

The aliens know it’s IMPERATIVE that they enforce and celebrate only ONE way to be right and acceptable, so people don’t feel free enough to do their own thing and still be outside of jail or outside a mental institution or something. People, too, I think are afraid of social exile, so that’s a big possible punishment, AS IS having your comments removed from Facebook for being “inappropriate,” i.e. not fitting narrow rules of what’s “right” (i.e. “right” for the aliens’ continued invasion of earth in human-looking bodies).

The aliens could NOT take over a world where people ruled themselves and took chances, i.e. didn’t look in a book or to the crowd all the time for THEIR DIRECTION/RULE. The aliens have to have narrow, oppressive rules and systems and social expectations in place to make sure everyone is easily controlled and their domination continues, they hope for eternity. But I’m not sure if earth would last that long.

I want to name who I’m talking about, but I will wait on this, even though I named it in another post. I just feel there is more going on with this farm than my own personal gripes. I feel it has to do with returning the world to its rightful owners. I think there is a strong connection there to the Anti-Christ, the devil, the oppression going on in devil whirl (the false takeover of God’s timeless world).

I will update in a follow up post perhaps how things go with this free-speech battle. Free speech is probably rigged here for aliens to take over and control people’s speech so no one tells everyone what’s going on.


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