Cleft Pallet And The Anti-Christ

“Cleft palate makes them the most despicable thing on this planet and yet when they have it it’s a birth defect,” a voice just said this.

I think the mark of some thing that will centrally be in this battle between good and evil, well, between God’s sons and Satan’s demons, etc. is that it will have a cleft pallet.

I am still figuring stuff out, but this is just something I can tell for now with a little more certainty, but only because I’m just repeating here what the voice said. The voice also said that cleft pallet is not of this world.

But I think cleft palate is reflective of the nature of God’s sons. God’s sons, naturally, are like the hare in the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare is confident, can stop and take a nap, can go fast or slow. He doesn’t have to go the straight and narrow and only go one pace like the tortoise. He doesn’t have to hide in its shell to protect itself.

This world’s invaders want to alter and discourage the natural way of God’s sons. It suppresses it, especially the sexual nature, which is kind of stereotypical in bunnies because they have sex a lot. Also, terms like jungle bunnies and jungle fever kind of go hand in hand for describing God’s sons who are supposed to be in interracial relationships (you know, as in jungle fever) but that is taboo here, especially it seems for black women and white men, like me and possible Soul Mate.

I think under their disguises our invaders would be all the things we would shunned socially for being: they are gay, they are both male and female (as only non-humans are), they are hateful, they are blatantly unhappily married under the surface since they are not really the sex or sexual orientation they say they are.

And in this way with cleft palate, they are more literally having the nature or look of the hare, but in a way they can’t hide if they have cleft palate–unless they get surgery. So, once the world ends, the invaders who try to make us be all these things other than our true selves through the societal pressure they create for us, they would be all the things they say are wrong for us. But they would be these things in a more alarming way because how they are is SO hidden (and hideous). It’s just the ultimate lesson to us to not hide ourselves like these invaders tell us to EVER again.

Anyway, when I say Anti-Christ, I am kind of just using the term that is popular and familiar to me that refers to the devil. I talk about the traditional “Christ,” the white Jesus as someone who is not desirable to emulate, specifically because he kind of passively allowed himself to be crucified in the story I know.

But the black Jesus who was rebellious and said something akin to “Hate your family, hate your life, hate the world and allow others to serve you or provide for you,” that’s something I approve of. By life, he’s talking about hating appearances and your false life, like with a fake spouse, a fake job, etc. Like what people mean when they say, “I hate my life.” (But are discouraged from saying in devil whirl which wants us to be positive ALL THE TIME.)

I wrote about Jesus saying this in a previous post after I read someone refer to his saying it in a YouTube comment.



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