Baphomet and Dual Nature of Beyonce, Others

I’m hearing a voice saying that what I’m saying about Beyonce would take a toll on someone’s confidence. People insult celebrities all the time. My insults are specific: That video I just wrote about earlier, it’s just disturbing to look at her eyes, I literally can’t bear to watch that video again.

Plus, I’m saying specifically that this person never has anything to say that sounds human. She (or he) just has no real substance to her comments or statements, other than just cliche things like, “Pray for the Boston Marathon victims,” or “Men and women should have equal rights.” And this from a so-called artist, a creative person.

It just gets to be disappointing honestly listening to this person’s songs or listening to this person on television always just repeating cliche things that are so “right” or straight-laced and then suddenly the person is rebellious in songs.

It just doesn’t make sense for someone to be an expressive person as an artist but then have NOTHING original to say, not in the songs that seem to have some elements just copied from other artists who really are rebellious (and have depth to that rebelliousness, not just saying, “Bow down bitches” for no reason).

Or in real life where this person is kind of just a puppet for doing the right thing, like supporting breast cancer awareness. Things that just leave not much room for real connection or identification or recognition of this person as a human being, a vulnerable human being, an emotional human being with recognizable emotions that make sense to others.

Anyway, I am exploring this idea that the reason her (or his) lyrics are so contradictory is because she is this demon I read about called Baphomet. The demon somehow represents opposites, like of man and woman, good and evil, etc. I’ve written in a couple of posts about Beyonce seeming duplicitous, having contradicting things to say, which is representative of the symbol of the devil, which is a two-headed snake, a snake that does not survive long in the wild because it attacks itself, it is opposed to itself.

These opposing mindsets held within one person, Beyonce, is what I’m saying makes this person like the two-headed snake. In a recent post, I talked about her singing about wanting to be accepted wholly (in “Partition”), then right after she says she wants to be the kinda girl a man likes. These seem to contradict: being accepted whole as you are, naturally, effortlessly, but then fitting someone else’s fantasy, which would suggest changing or altering yourself to fit what someone else wants, which would be passive, an absentee sex object for someone else’s enjoyment, not an agent of one’s own sexual satisfaction or desire. This is in direct opposition to being one’s “whole” self, and also in opposition in the next point.

Beyonce (or Baphomet, which just feels more fitting to use) talks in “Flawless” about it being important for a girl to feel like she can be an active participant or agent in her sexuality, but Beyonce seems more on the receiving end of someone’s sexual desires in her song “Partition,” talking about someone else ripping her blouse, someone else calling her “Peaches,” someone else (“he”) wanting to “fuck.” She’s not the aggressor or agent or the one desiring sex.

She is more of an object, not a strong presence at all. If being a “sexual being,” as Baphomet says in the song, matters enough to sing about it, why doesn’t this person (or demon) exhibit this trait? Why celebrate being a passive object of desire in Partition when it appears to be the opposite of what she considers desirable for young girls?

Then she also talks in “Flawless” about how all these people (her husband, her sister, her mom) made her who she was: confident in her looks, outspoken, have “good home training” (huh???). It’s a person with just a very passive presence, who is used to being acted upon, not acting upon her environment or others as an agressor.

But in that same song (Flawless), she has aggressive words, like calling anonymous people bitches, saying “Bow down bitches,” as if she’s a leader of some sort when she has a passive presence that is dependent, based on the lyrics of this same song: dependent on traditional views of right and wrong, dependent on traditional stances on things, dependent upon others’ opinions of her or shaping of her character.

This person is not independent, as being a leader would seem to suggest someone is. It’s nothing to bow down to, no strong presence, no originality, no creativity, no superior talent by any means. A two-headed snake is very dependent. by the way. To survive it has to be taken captive by a human.

The biggest contradiction in the song Flawless comes with Beyonce complaining that young girls are expected to aspire to marriage, but young boys are not. But in the song and in her life, very frankly, marriage is such a huge focus, almost to the extent that it is her identity. Her recent tour I think was called “Mrs. Carter” tour or something, where she told the audience to say to her, “Hey Mrs. Carter,” like her marriage was who she is. And in “Flawless,” she brags about her diamond, which I assumed was her wedding ring, as being “flawless.”

I think, if I’m right about my Baphomet theory, this dual nature shown in Beyonce’s lyrics would explain these rumors I hear that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are hermaphrodites or are both man and woman at the same time because they, like Beyonce are all somehow agents of this demon Baphomet.

That explains why they would all embody opposites of some kind: Beyonce in her lyrics and the Obamas in their sexuality and sex. People say a lot that Michelle Obama is a man, but she is probably both man and woman, gay and straight. And people say Obama is gay, well, he probably is if he is an agent or embodiment of the demon Baphomet that I read about in a wikipedia article (linked above) today.

I don’t think these things (the president, Beyonce, etc.) are from Earth. From things I’ve read, it seems they would be from someplace else. I read that the devil was from outer space or something. I don’t know a lot about this, but some of these ideas make more sense if you consider that these things are not of this world.

Their goal here I guess would be to continue to rule Earth as devil whirl and not as God’s world as it’s meant to be, a place where humans are respected, not expected to slave in work or sacrifice themselves in work or marriage, or Satanic self-sacrifical, marital sex. In God’s world, races would not be so separate, either. Continued racial segregation is a key goal of devil whirl to separate man from his humanity. Devil whirl wants all to identify with race as something that distances them from each other, almost as if people of different races are different (warring) species, as these outsiders really are among us, warring with us (unbeknownst to us). Divide and conquer, is likely their motto.


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