The Crazy Monster Video

Uh, just wanted to bring this hideous, horrifying video (of Beyonce) to anyone’s attention who is as interested in this subject as I am of her being a devil worshiper (or a demon). I commented on this video on the YouTube page it’s on. This video is just gross, watching this thing’s eyes move.

And the content is just totally devoid of meaning or substance of any kind. Earlier a voice said something like that this video was just to show off Beyonce’s looks (the voice AGREED with me, yeah, thanks voice) and it said that it was meant to make others feel like God blessed her but not others.

Unfortunately God didn’t bless her with any substance or character, or creative talent to write some lyrics that are even just okay enough to be basic and just have a common theme or statement of any kind.

So far they are all just contradictory and just saying shit that doesn’t make sense for no reason, like to celebrate her confidence (she doesn’t do that, like rappers do), or just to sound cool with some alliteration or something–nada, none a dis, she doesn’t do that either (at least not in a few recent songs I’ve looked at).

Anyway, the hidden goal of the songs of course is to just make fun of humans and mislead humans and hate them while trying to make it seem Beyonce supports or has any concern whatsoever for humans other than having a desire to make fools of them.

Anyway, so the link is above in the word “video,” so check it out.


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