That Voodoo That Beyonce Do

“World domination means that no one in left in their right mind would think it was okay to date outside their own race,” the voice said something like this just now when I was thinking about how the “Drunk in Love” song and Beyonce and Jay Z’s other (MANY!!!!) songs flaunting their fake marriage as happy were meant to make white men, whoever, to think they weren’t needed to make a happy marriage with anyone outside their own race.

I thought before it was just about pressuring people into staying married if they weren’t happy and to pressure people who weren’t married into feeling like they weren’t worth shit, but then today with my new, sharper focus on the prohibition of interracial love, it made sense that this was also a goal of the songs (so many of them, WTF????).

Why does someone keep talking about their happy marriage? If it’s so happy, why not just live it? And if it’s so happy, how is that when the people in it apparently are no longer human beings with any interests outside of their own marriage, like marriage is their reason to live, not being themselves or anyone remotely interesting to their spouse who must have something better to do other than fixate on how wonderful his marriage is? And why are you so happy to have found something when YOU KNOW other people out there are suffering over the idea that they haven’t found it, as any human being with a brain would know?

“Let them eat cake, while we thoroughly inform them of our deluxe steak and lobster dinner every night of the week,” is that what you’re saying, Beyonce and Jay Z? Especially when your steak and lobster dinner was not so great that it could keep Jay Z from cheating with that fashion designer woman, as it’s rumored. If it was so great, why did it go south so fast?

And if it was something that could so quickly go south, why did you talk about it so damn much that you pretty much never gave nobody a break with that damn Mrs. Carter tour and jacket and shit? What the fuck? It was like promoting the marriage was your only goal in life. You guys both were so much more okay and just alright before you became a marriage symbol every minute of the day, like there was nothing of you left. Not that there ever was anything more to you other than what you wanted people to think about you.

Really, how did a marriage ever commence between you two when Jay Z is so ugly it would take somebody with a brain to love him, not a complete and TOTAL air-headed idiot with no real creative talent who’s so shallowly focused on the value of her own looks? That’s why the sex is so self-sacrificial because you don’t want to have sex with Jay Z. Stop lying.

He’s for image purposes only, so you could be married and pregnant by age 30. Didn’t yo dumb ass say that? But then you said marriage shouldn’t be something for young girls to aspire to in “Flawless.” In the same song you sing about your “rock,” or wedding ring being flawless. So contradictory, EVERYTHING you say in your whack, zero-talent songs. What the fuck brain do you have, man? I know, you’re a devil decoy with no choice but to lie and deceive in EVERYTHING you do. A duplicitous two-headed, white snake, just like the devil.

And Jay Z, go back to being a thug and go blast some niggas instead a killing them the sucka, punk bitch way, slow and deceptively, would ya?!?!?! Deception is the devil’s middle name.


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