My Next Mission…
September 5, 2014, 10:35 am
Filed under: Human Potential

…Is to investigate John Magher. What’s with that bitch? Off to inspect some of his song lyrics. That’ll reveal the culprit. Decoy or humanoid? I shall see. I mean, who says for no reason, out of the blue, that they have a racist dick that doesn’t want black women? What would be the purpose or the point? Was he rejected? Did he hate his dick and try to give it head surgery to make it socially acceptable so he wouldn’t look like a dirty, nasty, perverted white monster only good enough to jerk off to the Jet magazine beauty of the week? Just kidding. I had an optometrist whose secretary asked me to take magazines akin to Jet out the waiting room because he would always look at them. It was hilarious. It was such a big reveal for him and he possibly never knew. I just thought he looked at all women like a piece a meat. Little did I know I fit the bill in a way I never even considered since I was young and somewhat attractive and he was not to me, I guess, Idk. Oh, and about being a pervert? Be that shit. Apparently, I’m an Uncle Tom and a sell out — except to real black people… like my friend from college. People with a brain, they know what’s worth winning and losing. Take it from me: An image is a beautiful to waste.


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