Take Devil Worshiping Someplace Else, Beyonce

“Tell them to take their devil worship someplace other than God’s world,” a voice just said, talking about Beyonce and people promoting their marriage as happy to attract customers to their business when the marriage is Godless, like every marriage here is.

Devil-worshiping marriage is marriage done for image purposes or purposes other than the desire to be together. Marriage is for being with someone you actually want to be with. It is happy only when it is with the soul mate God made for you. In real marriage, you are not used by someone for the image you help them create, you are not focused on race as your identity, and not engaged in supporting the racist, loveless world of devil whirl.

For the purpose of ending devil whirl, God gave everyone here a soul mate of a race other than his own. If people accepted their opposite-race mates, instead of worshiping having a favorable image in devil-whirl-condoned, same-race marriage, devil whirl, which is dependent on continued racial segregation, would end. I believe my soul mate’s wife tries to pretend they have a happy marriage (when in reality they don’t) in promoting their family farm in Farmville, Virginia.

Also a minute ago a voice said that I was taking the devil’s voodoo priestess away, which I think is referring to me criticizing Beyonce. Then it said something about voodoo being using people’s heads for a purpose other than what they are for.


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