Not Exactly Desirable: Two Facedeness

Be leery of “A lady in the street, but a freak in the bed.” This is two-facedness. This is someone who feels it’s shameful or something to hide that one is sexual. Without sex there’d be no humans. Without sex no babies. Without sex, we’d be a lot less “bad” or dirty-seeming. That’d be no fun.

When you see those who seem unafraid to present their sexuality in their actual presence, you might see more of a person who is unashamed of a sexual self. I usuaully admire people who are so smoky and sexy, you can’t deny they are sexual beings, people like Sharon Stone, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Nicki Minaj. They are people who represent what I’d like to be… if it’s in me and I think it is. We learn to supress or hide our sexual sides as shameful, but that’s never been something I’ve found admirable in others.

People often like to promote their marriage as sexual only in certain venues, but then kind of sexless and appropriate in other venues. In a family business setting promoting a sexless, yet friendly marriage is usually the norm. In things like music, where sex sells, or in social settings where one is trying to impress others (not attract them as customers to a business), it’s more appropriate to present the marriage as sexual. This is reflective of something that takes effort and so would be calculated, planned, not natural.

Sex can be used to manipulate others into seeing what someone else wants them to see. Then sex can be something that is just in us, that just comes out in our natural expression or natural (effortless) presence. Manipulation and deception are signs of the devil. Making one feel obligated, as in obligated to have sex to maintain a marriage for appearance’s sake, is a tactic of the devil. The devil, like Christianity (a religion of the devil), wants the sacrifice of God’s sons. Sacrifice is a central practice in America, sacrificing for work, sacrificing for children. It is highly celebrated. It’s because this is devil whirl and America is the capital.


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