Wisdom Of Da Whirl
September 4, 2014, 10:56 pm
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It seems people know something, according to common knowledge. And yet, just watch them and then… Well then, they’ll say you’re insane. What’s wrong with you? Let us go on in the peace of Rin Tin Tin, I Dream of Jeanie, Gilligan’s Island where the only thing black is the person in our wet dreams of which no one will ever know, or we will murder them with science that says they are seeing things we don’t want them to see. Like that white world can only have peace on television where you never see nobody’s dick.

1. The world says: “It’s what’s inside that counts.” The world shows: “Appearances are the ONLY thing that count.”

2. The world says: “Always be yourself.” The world shows: Always be who you’re expected to be according to your income, race, marital status, or any societal expectation that’s popular these days, whether it means lynching niggers or keeping it in the family no matter what’s legal.

3. The world says: “Love knows no color.” The world shows: “Love knows ONLY color…” in most instances.

4. The world says: “Follow your heart.” The world shows: “Sacrifice your heart to keep a job, survive, fit in, be rewarded with promotions, vacations, etc.”

5. The world says: “Believe in yourself, no matter what.” The world shows: “Believe in the world, no matter what.”

6. The world says: “Don’t follow the crowd.” The world shows: “Follow the crowd over ANYTHING ELSE.”

7. The world says: “Always tell the truth.” The world shows: “Lie about who you are everyday of your life.”


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