You Have No Balls

“You’re saying they’re the cause of the racial injustice in this country throughout history,” the voice said (mostly). Yes, you are. You had the solution in you but you thought all you were worth was what was outside you. Your color, your image, your place in a world that thought blacks were less than and whites were superior because of their skin and because one was more civilized and one more animalistic.

Yet you love your dog most of all in life because you see what you have made it mean to be a human here in this world you created where all you are worth is your image, your appearance. Humans are the coldest pieces a shit on God’s green earth. Your dog loves you and shows you more love than your wife, or even your so-called “best friend.” They are the only ones uncorrupted by your real master here, the devil.

Stop worshiping the devil and the images he said were the only thing that made you worth something. End racism today. Be something other than what society says you’re supposed to be to be worth something, like white enough or appropriate enough or fatherly enough or married-to-a-white-woman enough. Be yourselves FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR LIVES. Do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say. “Turn down for what.”

Ever heard of that? It takes balls. Racism continues today because race and proper appearances are still the only thing that matter to you, just like back then.

Stop pretending you’re so much better than your blood-thirsty, murderous white ancestors who lynched the black people who were the loves of their lives for the reward of a good public image of being better than somebody simply for color. You are the same today. You stand by and see blacks oppressed and you take satisfaction that even though you are ball-less and spineless you are better than somebody.


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