Voices, Thoughts, Symbolism

“Your budweiser is meant to make you feel like you worth something that’s not even worthy of the word ‘work.’ It was slavery at the highest price – a dollar for a soul, called tolling in the sun for the one who would love to see me waste my soul,” a voice say. This sounds a little rocky, but iss what I got in my notes.

“Praise be to God for those who see what I see but who aren’t allowed to say it because to say it would be the end of everlasting life,” a voice say.

“Christ’s sons are those who live,” a voice say. They are not Christ’s sons — “not until they pay the price you pay to live.”

“Alcoholics and drunks are the world’s best attorneys. They take them to court for being the losers they are for selling out to the devil for the highest price – a life for a life.” (voice, talking about loose lips here)

“The color of your skin is the life you choose to live in devil whirl as a black to be hated or a white to be loved for denying one’s self. They choose to come here and hide themselves.” (voice)

(Something, some bridge?) “is for those jumping off bridges at high altitudes to get away from those who steal who they are to get what they want from devil whirl, self worth at the highest price – a life for a life.” (voice)

Those who commit suicide, at least some of them, are those “who can’t be who they are not.” (response to a question in form of a voice)

Everlasting life is for people who believe in sacrificing who they are to live forever as an image intimidating others into selling out to be “good” (and nothing more), like white Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior and Martin Luther King, Jr., who according to rumors had a thing for white prostitutes, which is disputed by those who worship him, I mean knew him. (note, and the voice said MLK, Jr. was a white in black’s clothing because he hid himself. Donald Sterling is black, my own voice outta my mouf said.)

The apple in the story of Adam and Eve is symbolic for corruption, like the phenomena here of a worm getting into an apple and eating it from inside. The devil is an unwelcome invader in man’s mind. The snake and the worm have a similar form. (note, symbolism)



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