To Da Interracial Couples
September 3, 2014, 10:04 am
Filed under: Human Potential

I just heard a voice (which I think is wrong) saying that I was married to a (something) overweight white man in a past life and (something like) the first black woman to marry a white man. Like I said, I don’t think it’s true because I think this is my first time here (like prolly for most black people, I’m thinking), but I would be proud.

Interracial couples are a breath of fresh air, even when I guess I’m supposed to be mad to see a black man with a white woman, I’m glad. It just gives me more a sense of harmony AND FREEDOM FROM THIS WORLD’S RACIST OBSESSION WITH RACE AS THE DEFINITION OF A HUMAN BEING’S WORTH, ESPECIALLY AS SUPERIOR IF HE IS WHITE. Thank you for letting love conquer all, for letting love be more important than the color of a person’s skin. People here are so OBSESSED  with race.

People will say I am obsessed with race for talking about it, but I talk about it because I feel stifled and disgusted by what I see, people calling me nigger, saying I ain’t worth shit and that they hate me, WITHOUT EVER SAYING A WORD. All they did was follow the crowd that’s been saying that to black folks and niggers (those of all races with the nerve to be a fucking human being) since the beginning of time.

This world says the same thing today that it said centuries ago because no one ever stood as an individual to be something other than what the world said they were, at least not those who keep coming back here as white people who could never make the choice to be something other than what society said they had to be to be worth something.

By the way, I have a theory as to why there are fewer and fewer black people. Fewer are coming back because they see it is hopeless to get white people to give up their obsession with race and keepin it in the family with incestuous white marriages to say they are worth something simply for the color of their skin and their allegiance to devil whirl values that been in place since the beginning a time. One thing I heard to support this is that the reason I am made of the prayers of those slaves from long ago is because the prayers got diluted as time went on and people lost hope of things getting better.

I don’t know if that’s because the problem is harder to see, or if people have just given up more on racial harmony, or have less attention and concern for keepin it in the family (the most stubborn practice known to man, not smoking or overeating by any means). The voice said, by the way, that by incest it means marrying someone based on the idea that you have no choice to marry someone else of another race, so that’s how someone’s marriage might be incestuous and another’s may not be, even if both marriages are same race.

Black people don’t try to keep it in the family like white people do, they are more willing to be socially unacceptable because they are already looked down on here for their race.

I talked about how people are meant by God’s plan to be in interracial relationships to overcome devil whirl, which central purpose is to separate God’s son’s especially those God made for each other to end devil whirl’s ruling whites by controlling them by their desire for appearances to be testament to who they are, not who they are inside. Their idol worship.

Thank you for this public service announcement.


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