Don’t Be Deceived (And Thoughts On Suicide)

Be yourself and you will not be fooled when the devil who is your president tries to tell you that after the storms come you will be more easily controlled.

I just wanted to say that because I keep hearing (well twice) this recording (on a couple of YouTube videos) of a man saying that “they” want to decrease the population and will not try to move people from storms coming so that the people left will be more easily controlled. Who knows what will happen, but the weather is on the side of God’s son. Devil has free reign of the doubt in man’s mind of his worth, the doubt the devil created and that is all.

It’s just clear also from one of those videos (see previous link) I saw about aliens coming and trying to take over or something, something about–I don’t know–just trying to mislead people about who would be left behind to “rule.” No one rules but you ruling yourself. Anyway, I have heard stuff the voices say that those who will leave the way of aliens (by ascension) will be the devil, not any humans or anything. Ascension, I thought at one time after I read on another person’s blog about it, would be for humans (and I was afraid of that idea for myself), but I don’t think that anymore.

At first I did disagree with the person posting the ascension article (who said only the spiritually aware people would go–not true), but at the time I was hearing and feeling things that made me think the end of the world was coming, so I believed that maybe ascension was the way it would end. It was just me scrambling for answers and often times, honestly, stuff that falls into my lap is useful, so I figured that information was useful. Now I see it was useful, but not in the way I first thought. The earth is ours, not the devil’s. It’s God’s. They leave, not God’s son (I’m not sure the most comfortable term for real people, so I just use this because it feels best to use right now).

Anyway, we are used to thinking of “good” and “evil” in ways that are stuck and predictable, something we could look in a book to identify or label correctly. In that case, that book would be an idol. This world values those things that are stuck and rigid and dead and static. Those things that are not reliable to use as a guide; they are NOT God. Your heart though is changing and adjusting to whatever you are experiencing in the moment.

Sometimes someone who offers you candy is someone you might want candy from and your heart will tell you you can have it. But other times maybe not and your heart will tell you that. If you look in a book all the time, you might miss out on some good candy or you might take some candy you mighta shoulda left behind. It might turn your hair green or something, green with envy for those who used their heart to know the truth instead of a book.

So here’s a chance perhaps coming for you to go the old, dusty, tried and true way to tell who is good and who is bad, maybe who is married and who talks with no curse words and talks proper looks good… according to that old, dusty book, maybe even the Bible. But your heart, there is the true God, the living God who would do you no harm and could not be corrupted like a book could be, like how every book here has been, including the Bible.

Once more, those who are images, those people who are one-dimensional, maybe they have pictures up on Facebook, but not much else telling you anything about themselves. Maybe they are stars (like Beyonce) who call themselves “gangsta wife,” but do not seem to fit the part at all with anything called a personality in the least because that term (“gangsta wife,” or “Sasha Fierce”) is a mask to mislead you to the true nature of “evil.” Some stars want you to think they are stereotypical “bad,” and call themselves “gangsta wife,” and some stars talk nasty for real. They have fun, not just creating a image. You can tell by how you feel. Nicki Minaj is not the same as Beyonce.

One is naughty for real and one is fake nice. One is real and one is deception. One is inappropriate and one is married, i.e. appropriate. If you rely on traditional ideas of good and evil you will be lost. Time to be yourselves and use what the good Lord gave ya: a heart and a intuition so strong ain’t nobody gonna fool ya, unless you let them, and then it only lasts as long as you let it. Let it be short or not at all. A short time will show ya that curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it only gives it more confidence that it knew da truf in da furss place.

Sorry, I don’t trust that singer named “B.” I am very, very leery of this person. Very disturbed. I am very concerned actually about this person and saw an article today about how a woman killed herself praying to one of this person’s songs. I have been concerned about this person for a long time though, since at least that “Drunk In Love” song, which is the one the woman prayed to and killed herself.

I just feel like if you’re promoting your marriage as perfect in a world where no marriage is even true love, you are intentionally out to make others feel less than you and I really don’t like that, I don’t like that at all. I meet people like this, AND I don’t like them. They are deception, they are the devil. They hurt people who are already hurting. It’s like they want people to kill themselves. I know what it’s like, I’ve been suicidal and I pay attention when I hear those stories of people who commit suicide.

I been interested in it since I first considered it, always just curious about people who do it. They kill themselves when they feel like failures for having had a divorce (after having an extra-marital affair exposed publicly), for having never had sex and never had a relationship, for being black and gay. I first considered it at 16 for having no friends and feeling like I was wasting my life. Devil decoys (which I believe Beyonce Knowles is) know this and they prey on it.

This person also has no real personality and is just saying stereotypical stuff all the time. This leaves a cold world with no humanity or diversity for people to feel they are not alone, or for people to feel they are just like another human and not too weird or unacceptable. I know this phenomena because I’m interested in it and I know it’s important to devil whirl that people feel like they want to kill themselves because those people are hurting so much for a reason.

They are sensitive to the coldness of this world. “They have it in them to take this world by storm, and they’re just getting warm,” a voice said, it tells me that LL Cool J song a lot about myself, too. It also said, “They are those who see into the hearts of man like no other of those who would sell them to the highest bidder rather than see them as the messengers of Satan’s world that they are. They tell people who is taking them to the bank,” of those who are suicidal. “They take to the bank who would rather die for love than live for love.”

This is how I saw it when that kid killed himself after his roommate taped him having sex with another man: Those people have come to the point where they have seen all they need to see to know this world first hand, what it’s about (valuing people as images, not valuing them for who they truly are), yet they reach this point and no one else is there to say, hey, it’s not just you, it sucks here. They are facing what others are able to ignore, and yet, they are punished for this in a world where experience is not valued, only shallow appearances.

Of course, I saw a article on someone who committed suicide who did NOT seem familiar/human at all, not like others I have heard or seen who have been suicidal and I don’t think this person is one who is a real human, actually. The person said no one could help her and that she was just a bad person. See? Nothing there to let you feel like, hey, I’m just like you and I feel like I want to kill myself, don’t you feel like you don’t want me to? That’s how I felt when I read about someone like Christine Chubback, for example.

Devil whirl’s most vulnerable members are devil whirl’s most capable members of ending this world’s pain which they know so well first hand. Losers here are those who can’t function in dysfunction, i.e. denying themselves at every turn. They are most like God, who, like them, wants to end this reality, but suicide isn’t the only way out. They can reject this world without ending themselves, they just don’t know how yet.

I knew a long time ago that those so close to leaving the world by their own hands were those most capable of saving the world by their own hands and I told someone who hated me and the person acted like I was crazy. The person said, why would you think that and I didn’t know at the time, but I know now. (That person was the former twin sister, not a friend of God’s world.)



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