Adam’s Apple and Man’s Silence (And Idolatry)
September 3, 2014, 4:51 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

A voice just said something to the effect of the Adam’s Apple is a sign of how the devil’s most valued corruption of man is his silence when it comes to telling the truth. Appropriateness is the devil’s best weapon for keeping devil whirl going, for keeping races apart, for keeping people hating each other as they see each other not as humans, but only as images who will protect their image AT ANY COST.

Any cost, the life of another, true love, true happiness, being himself, you name it, it’s worth it for him to keep up the appearance of being worth something, according to his image. His image is usually that he is married, white, drives a nice car, whatever. Same-race marriages are the most worshiped and valued images by the dummies who agree to these loveless, appropriate marriages in devil whirl.

The white man is the most susceptible to this worship of his image because he believed the devil when the devil told him he was worth nothing more than what it meant for him to do a good thing or a bad thing. Of course good and bad was to be defined by the devil.

Oppressing people (rape, robbing and killing based on whites being superior) was “good.” Working a job that you hate is “good,” as long as you have a job. Same-race marriage at the cost of true love is “good” here where everyone who is a real person has a soul mate of another race. The God-given gifts of soul mates of different races was meant to end devil whirl long ago because devil whirl’s main objective is to keep the racial competition going of whites thinking they are better than blacks (the thing they live for) and to keep blacks and whites separate.

Without race, without black and white, the devil’s rule of God’s sons by ruling him by his concern for appearances would end because everyone would be equal, and there’d be no competition for worth, as there is today (mostly amongst whites). But no one has the guts to do what God put in his heart because it would risk his image. His image is his god, his idol, the devil’s undoing and overruling of God’s sons.


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