What Jesus Say; And The Truth About Adam And Eve (And Adam’s and Adam’s, Etc.)

I just saw this comment (below) on a video on YouTube called “Symbols in Hollywood Movies and Their Meaning that discusses Illuminati symbols in movies. I also liked the person’s original comment kind of criticizing the video for lacking substance or proof in at least one instance. I thought the video was simplistic in its ideas of good and evil, just following traditional, brainless stereotypes that require no thought or experience of one’s own to really see what this world or movies are about.

It’s like people’s original ideas and life experiences and feelings are worthless in shaping an INDIVIDUAL’s view of good and evil or right and wrong, like people must always look outside to know what’s evil, according to the same ol boring shit that was prolly considered evil during slavery times. It’s like a person’s own feelings never get used to actually change the world from how it was yesterday, basically, so things always stay the same.

Anyway, apparently some things Jesus said that are written somewhere (wherever the commenter got the details) are more in line with my views of life than other stuff Christians (or traditionally “right” people, like the commenter) say about Jesus. The way I use the word “life” here, I think is different from how Jesus probably used “life” in this person’s comment. In my recent past I used the word “life” to mean appearances (saying on Facebook that I loved my soul mate more that “life itself” or appearances). Appearances are what life basically is in devil whirl, and which I think is the “life” Jesus is prolly referring to here in this person’s comment.

Everyone “lives” for appearances here. For example, the appearance of a happy marriage is PARAMOUNT in devil whirl so everyone suffers thinking only his marriage is a fake. Yet EVERY marriage here is fake, or devil world would’ve ended by now (keep reading to find out why). Appearances of a happy marriage are more important than a person’s actual happiness here. People, like prolly at least a couple of my previous white crushes (one a woman), stay married to keep up appearances, for example. It’s sickening as fuck.

I saw maybe a month ago when I wrote that post on Facebook after a voice said to tell Brad Constable I loved him more than life itself and it sounded so dramatic, but made perfect sense once I understood life to mean appearances. I quite enjoyed making a fool of myself saying inappropriate stuff on Facebook about him, making fun of his wife and a photo they posted for their business together (which I also heavily insulted).

I even told him I wanted to have oral sex with him, well I said I’d eat a peach with his semen on it, like a young guy does for his gay lover in the book Call Me By Your Name, written by a man I felt sure was gay, but I read later that he was married to a woman and had kids (and I assumed it was just another fake marriage). The voice said that gays are here to show that being yourself is essential to finding true love, by the way.

A person being hisself is really life, but being yourself (i.e. doing, saying what you want) is stymied when outdated, small-minded, paralyzing labels of right and wrong are put on EVERYTHING. Smiling is important for almost every job, for example. Christians say, “Love your enemy.” Not much seems to be valued simply based on how an individual’s feels about a situation. What if you don’t love your enemy?

So, here’s the person’s comment:

“Is ‘Christ’ your name for healthy societal values? Because you might want a new name for that, given that Christ supposedly said he would destroy the family unit, that his followers must hate the world, their family and their own life, and he preached not doing anything productive but expecting others to provide for you.”

Yeah. I luh ALL dat. My family has basically been deception right under my nose all my life. I’ll leave it at that for now, but I will say, be careful who you trust in this world. Satan said, “Family first,” not God.

Oh, and by the way, I got very few blog views once again today. How I handle that is a prime example of true “living.” I do this because I know it’s right. Appearances may suggest I’m “wrong” for saying “racist” things, for cursing, for insulting people, even for posting multiple posts in one day. I know I’m right, dough. Because I’m saying what I truly think, feel and (whew! Finally!) what I reely want to say. Am I a walking abomination?

Maybe, according to some people out there. I don’t care. Most people are walking abominations, not for being rude, but for completely hiding and altering who they are to fit appearances that are far from the truth, that are lies really. People marry people they don’t want to marry. People work jobs they hate and (the abominating part) say they like their jobs because it has good pay and benefits, even though the job has NOTHING to do with who they really are, their talents, desires, and NOTHING to do with helping others because helping others starts with BEING YOURSELF, being the gift and solution God made you to be if you would just trust yourself–something people never do (I know… keep reading to see how).

Anyway, so far, I love causing mayhem and being the person people hate for simply telling the truth and being (what is equivalent to death here) “inappropriate.” People’s rejection of me showcases that this world is as fucked up as I always thought it was. I felt like I almost never heard anything that touched on what I felt as a human being, even though I was supposedly surrounded by human beings. (Really? Human how??? In your fake smile when you’re miserable? So warm, so touching, I can feel it. Thanks.) Now I know for sure that the coldness and hideousness haunting me FROM BENEATH THE SURFACE of fake smiles and “nice” teachers and others was because being human is “inappropriate” here. So glad that I am here in a time when I can be somewhat unacceptable (as long as I don’t walk outside naked or threaten suicide) and NOT get lynched or burned at the stake or exiled or imprisoned in a caring and appropriate “treatment” facility for “mentally ill” people.

I can now go without being killed here while I live by being myself (for the first time in my life!). I do hate my life (as a crazy, pointless, worthless loser and failure, or the politically correct label: chemically imbalanced individual), but only as the world has shown it to me. In reality, with my own eyes, I (not my image) am my hero, the person I NEVER saw a day in my life, who will say the fuckedupedest shit ABOUT THE FUCKEDUPEDEST SHIT that nobody will say a damn thing about, in fact about the shit everyone says is good: racist marriage, racist schools, race (by saying jack shit about it), humanity-hating Christianity.

I love that somebody finally gets to have his say for real, with no threat to his breathing or pulse. But every threat to his “life,” his public approval, a essential STAPLE of devil whirl control, that has been used to threaten man since the beginning of Tilt-o-whirl, i.e. this sickening, IMBALANCED ride called (devil) world, which “tilted” the world on its axis in the devil’s favor for his favored people, who had geographical advances that later allowed them to conquer those who were stronger (LOOSELY based on the details of the book Guns, Germs and Steel).

Those stronger people, btw, were always ready and willing to end the charade, if only they had an equally willing participant from the other side willing to lose his “good” name to do the same (or so da voice said that there were always true loves among those in power who were “heaven-sent” to protect the so-called lesser beings who felt obligated to come to devil whirl to find their lost white loves and save them from devil whirl, because unlike their lost loves, they knew the truth that they were worth something no matter what the devil say). Which, I guess this all means that, whites believed the devil, but God protected them anyway, giving them a love that would overcome devil whirl, but for some reason those loves, well, they never happened. Yeah, so…

“Oh say can you see, though the perilous fight, for the land…” (Hearing that song just now. Whatever the werds ta dat shit is.)

This appearances-focused world coerces man into losing his life to gain everlasting “life” in the eyes of the stupidest idiots known to man, those who sold their ability to know the truth of what was right in exchange for Satan’s judgment of what was right to gain social advancement, i.e. true worth. So Satan ended up ruling God’s creations, and “God’s green earth.” Just heard a voice say “God’s green earth,” so I wrote it, I considered it an additional helpful imagery for how the devil totally hijacked God’s shit and calling it “good.” Everyone, except those with a brain, agrees to it.

“God’s green earth signifies Satan’s need to be in control of everything, including thigns that are not his own,” a voice just said. To me this means that Satan even feels the need to be in control of what is right and wrong, not giving people the chance to decide for themselves or just live and deal with the “consequences” later, which is kinda how I write, i.e. FREELY. With my Satan-whirl-conditioned brain, I see how wrong freedom is in that instance just mentioned. Have a gud day!

“Whosoever believeth in him shall have everlasting life.” I heard a voice say this over and over and over again fast, like chanting earlier. I think this is the other Jesus referred to in this quote, not the black one, but the white Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Christianity, referred to in a previous post.


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