WordPress Shady As Hell
September 1, 2014, 2:14 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Wow, I’m having A LOT of trouble with the wordpress site today, them revising my writing actually, so the latest draft of what I wrote in the previous post was lost when I tried to update the last post, but the “connection failed” like it keeps doing A LOT, ON ONLY THIS WEB SITE today, that I’ve never had happen when I used this site in the past. Then once the page reloaded, I thought I’d restore the latest version of what I wrote by updating to the autosave version, which it said was the latest version, but it was not like what I wrote. It was missing a part I typed before I tried to update, but the connection failed (it said and it said I had to “reload” the page) and that latest version of the post was not completely reflected in the autosave version available when I was able to get back to the page. *I fixed it, by the way now.*

I’ve NEVER had this much trouble using WordPress and I think it’s because they are a devil-worshiping company that does not want me to write what I’m writing. I’m trying to fix up a new site, but just am lazy about doing it, but eventually I’ll get it up and hopefully can find a different service than wordpress to use along with it.

“One slipped out of the coockoo’s nest is what they’re thinking,” a voice just said. Well, I don’t care. I think you’re crazy like the emperor in his new robe for going along with a reality that says you’re worth something for your new (invisible unbeknownst to ya dumb ass) robe: being white, being married to a white, having a white kid that goes to white schools, for having more money than blacks, for living in a neighborhood where only two blacks live, for having a job title that not a lot of people have and that no blacks have. I think you’re a crazy bitch and I hope you get your head busted open so you can see there’s nothing in it but the devil. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You’re a empty follower, brainless, devil-worshiping bitch. The poor people and black people are really your robe. Without them you know you’d be nothing, you’d have nothing to be better than. You’d have nothing to show for who you are, other than the worthless piece a shit you think you are because you believed the devil.


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