Voice Said You Wanted To Hear…

The voice wants me to tell you that it’s over (the world, devil whirl, I’m assuming) when the cows come home. I think it’s referring to white people and other races no longer looking down on and abandoning blacks or “coming home” to the true black nature of man that many people hide and reject at the devil’s delight, as I talked about in the first post I’m linking to (in the next sentence).

I have mentioned cows today in this post and once before in this post. The cows are those who do not run from those who would eat it and take its milk from its calves. It doesn’t know that friend is really foe, I guess. The voice has referred to “the way of the cow” in describing the white man I believed was my soul mate (in the post I linked to last here). It’s referred to them also as one of several animals who are fit for eating because they do not fight (or run, really) for their lives when their predators pursue them.

Strangely, cows are worshiped as sacred in some areas, India, I think. I’m sure this is symbolic, as everything here is. It perhaps represents their response to being conquered by Satan’s reign, making them believe they were bad or good based on baseless, outside judgments of behavior. Satan introduced self-doubt to man and some succumbed to it, let it take over all of who they are, totally abandoning their true selves, their natural selves, who is God. Believing in “good and bad,” not humanity, they lost their humanity to some extent, treating people as less than for having the characteristic they rejected: darker skin.

Light skin is a sign of corruption, of rejection of the original self that Satan hopes to obliterate, and whom whites sought to obliterate seemingly throughout history, but history isn’t really reliable literally or factually, only symbolically. Symbolism and story telling, once the way of man (according once more to unreliable “historical” knowledge) is considered inferior to the scholarly and out-of-touch ways of man today, but it is true intelligence.

True intelligence of artists is rejected today because it is the end of devil whirl. The end of “stir craziness.” The end of the encircling of the son (i.e. the sun) by the wolves (in followers’ clothing) of devil whirl. It is the end of time.


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[…] not allow themselves to be crucified, apparently like the cow (I’ve been writing about in previous posts today) or Jesus, who in the story we’re told did not fight or reject those who crucified him. […]

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