The Voice On Bumble Bees (Updated A lot)
August 31, 2014, 2:06 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

I was just wondering about bees, since the voice talks a lot about cows, including today, (and how they are fit to eat because they do not flee predators) but it never talks about bees, even though it often talks about “the land of milk and honey,” when it talks about the US.

I was wondering about bees and their significance since they fight back (unlike cows), and the voice said, “but honey is the way they attract people.” I think the voice is talking about how devil whirl suggests people approach others or interact “politely,” no matter how angry or irritated or frustrated you are.

In other words, devil whirl says to hide how you feel and be polite no matter what. Is this good for people to reject how they feel all the time? Everyone in devil whirl seems to think so, always correcting people (especially correcting black people in some of the comments sections of these YouTube videos I’ve been watching–ALWAYS! white people correcting black people) when they get upset or “raise” their voices. So lame. Stop the lame shit already, WHITE PEOPLE!

A super lame (I think) white woman tried to discourage me from using “racist” terms in comments I made on this video (in response to her questioning on blacks’ anger or tone. Her name was “12345corinne.” She called me a “house nigger” (because I was discussing the term after SOMEONE ELSE brought it up). She said she wanted to show me how it felt. Dumb bitch. I’ll say what I want. Devil whirl says its appropriate to insult people ONLY when IT”S COMPLETELY HIDDEN THAT YOU ARE INSULTING THEM, as it is when they report the test scores trying to say black kids are dumber THAN EVERY OTHER RACE A KIDS!

No one EVER commented on the segregation in the schools I went to in reading groups and academic levels of courses, black kids always being in the lower groups. I heard the message loud and clear, even though no one ever said nothing “impolite” or “rude” or “racist.” I knew I was dumb from a very young age from being placed in lower reading groups with other black kids and just not doing well in school all my life while I saw white kids do so well all around me (until college when I went to a BLACK school!).

In high school I sat next to a Indian kid who thought I was so smart in math class and had another white kid tell me how smart he thought I was in geometry, but I never heard that from any teacher–until college–and I flunked out of that math in class the Indian kid thought I was so smart in.

Those couple classmates (and my college advisor) just seemed like flukes. I found out devil whirl was wrong years later, maybe in my late twenties, I can’t remember, but it’s been a long life suffering from devil whirl CLOSET RACISM, the only racism whites want apparently, especially when people say “disturbing” things. I think it’s a good thing someone’s disturbed enough to say something “disturbing” about the situation in the first place. I think the thing that hurt me the most all my life was that no one seemed to give a damn about the racism I saw all around me and still see today, as whites seem completely oblivious and unconcerned AND RACIST as hell.

(ADDED 2:46 p.m.) I hated school really, it’s just irrelevant shit. That’s what’s wrong. No one wants to study that lame shit that has nothing to do with what people are interested in. Deep down black kids know that it’s pointless shit, but it just makes them feel dumb because it’s foreign (because it’s pointless) and because kids who don’t look like them do better.

I think they really suffer in school and give up a lot on stuff because they think they’re dumb. I worked with kids and I’ve seen them guess answers to questions or just not even do the “work” or steps for math problems when they’re in groups with Hispanic kids. It’s not always white, Asian and Middle Eastern kids who are favored. It’s all kids over black kids.

Also, the saying about attracting more bees with honey than vinegar is specifically about sugarcoating your grievances with people, i.e. hiding how you really feel from people to get what you want from them. That’s not polite or nice. That’s deception, the tactic of the devil, probably a key part a how he started dis mess called devil whirl. Here’s a blog post on someone’s experience with the saying (of catching more bees with honey) and why she thought it worked. I disagree with her, still, of course and think it’s not worth it to adjust yourself to get a preconceived “desirable” response from others.


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