The Big Payback
August 31, 2014, 10:19 am
Filed under: Human Potential

God said (on America’s preference for under-the-table racism rather than upfront): “You don’t wanna hear it from the horse’s mouth…” (he lets me finish) … you wanna hear it in how great and wonderful you are for being white in your white schools; in your incestuous white marriages and fancy, diamond rings a statement to the world of how good you are for selling out and hating the black thing you are under all the leaves you put on after you knew you were naked; in your wedding bells that blacks don’t hear as often cuz they don’t marry people they don’t wanna marry like you do every damn day; in your fancy sell-out-worthy jobs that DON’T DO A DAMN THING FOR NOBODY but your money-hungry, appearance-driven, follower self; in your white-is-righter philosophy that everything is equal when all black people (the reelist people; anyway, including athletes and rappers and poor blacks who keep it reel) are on the bottom, as long as you have a white and African (not black!) president. Blacks and Africans are not from the same place. Blacks are from the same place as Jesus. Africans are not.

God sees all and hears all and knows all. You cain’t hide da truf. And black people know, too, ya fake bitches! You crucify Jesus when you oppress the black man everyday for being an unedited human being and for not selling out, i.e. changing himself to fit the opinions of a world designed to hate the human in you, the things that God made. You hate the black man because you hate what God made. Some ate the apple and stood by God. Some ate the apple and hated what God made and they turned their back on their brother who stood by God. They became white. There was no evolution in it. Those who stood by God are black and they are here with you because they did not turn their back on you like you did on them. When will you return the favor?

God said: “The purity is that of the speaker, not all with black skin. They gave some the hair and skin that they asked for when they made it clear they wouldn’t let them win no matter what.”


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