On Other Races Besides Black and White
August 31, 2014, 11:08 am
Filed under: Human Potential

I asked god what the other races are if those who ate the apple and believed the devil that they were bad were turned white and those who ate the apple and didn’t believe the devil were black. This is some of what it said. I missed some things and tried to ask more questions to give everything it said, though. By “you” I’m assuming it means whites or devil worshipers (perhaps unknowing devil worshipers) who did what they did because they felt bad about what they were because they believed the devil that their value was based on whether they were good or bad as determined by the devil’s made-up rules of good and evil he schooled whites on after they ate the apple and believed him that they were bad.

I asked why the other races were there and I heard that the other races are there because… “They gave you the riches when you asked for it. They did not fight like the Africans purportedly did.”

“They raced the tortoise with all their might and gave up when he wouldn’t let them win. They gave them the thing they asked for. The riches in their soul called who you truly are. You are God and you deny it.”

This idea that those who give up and don’t fight actually lose is reflected also in some things the voice said about farm animals humans eat. The animals fit for eating are those who do not run to save their lives, the voice said: cows, pigs, sheep, etc. Strangely, ALL these animals are animals that have been reported to be born with the birth defect of having two heads, which a voice said the “white” two-headed snake was the sign of the devil. I don’t know what that means. I feel I like cows and pigs and feel bad about them being mistreated. I used to be vegan, but eat meat now, whatever I want: chicken, beef, etc.

By the way, I also read that the longest living two-headed snake was black.

It said something just now, as well, that the Indians (so-called Native Americans; the voice says that blacks are the Native Americans) fought to the death, but at the very end they gave in and gave their land in exchange for a place called Never Never land where they would never grow old because they would never live. The trail of tears was symbolic of the way they go in in life. They go on in life as the miserable bastards they are for giving away something that was never theirs…


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