A Reminder:
August 30, 2014, 4:50 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

“See this ain’t nothing that you use to
Out of the ordinary unusual
You gotta have the mind state like I’m so great
Can’t nobody do it like you do
Miraculous, phenomenal and ain’t nobody in here stopping you
Show no love cause you what’s up
Look at ya self in the mirror like what the fuck.”

— Remy Ma in “Conceited (There’s Something About Remy)”

Ya know sometimes you notice that your views might be the kind that repel people even though they make you feel on top of the world clear and free like you’re bustin loose outta da pen. So, as I go forth into the world, reading the views out there like just now on another person’s blog about a rapist being someone to fear and just reading even a activist’s views on women’s rights (which I just have no interest in, I’m for human rights for all, really, I guess, all are oppressed) I just feel the need to remember that God’s creations are varied and unique. The world does not reflect that at all. Devil whirl wants to make everyone think the same, look the same, act the same, sound the same (using the same grammar, etc. making people who are aren’t “proper” think they can’t write or do anything). But that’s not the way people should be. They should be able to trash a religion that is oppressive and devil-worshiping, like Christianity is, and people should be able to share the idea that same-race mating is possibly incest, according to a voice in their heads and according to just a feeling in a gut somewhere out there. I woke up like dis. Dis how I be. I was in chains all my life because I was “inappropriate,” too different. Different = offensive = wrong here, all according to the devil’s (kind of brilliant) plan. But I ain’t fallin for it no more. No more, ya hear meh? Yeah, I been listening to wrong-ass folks all my life who believed some people were bad because they cursed or because they called people bitches and hoes. Then people tell you COVERTLY that you’re a piece a shit all day everyday and that’s okay. Not in my humble opinion. See, this ain’t nothin that you used to, I’m out of the ordinary, unusual. You gotta, you gotta–you ain’t never heard dis before, but–you gotta have this mind state like you so great, can’t nobody do it like you do. You can’t be a lemming, like everyone else, just because it’s safe. You gotta be yo self. Then you’ll get along with the black folk in da ghetto that everybody hate. You’ll see dey aint da scum a da earff. Dey ain’t even bad. Dey just some human beings that walk by you and prolly know somebody told you how bad dey were and they noticed when you kind of looked and saw them and looked away like you was afraid dey would take ya purse. You know, because your nephew just told you the day before that the part of Philly you’re goin to was dangerous and your sister told you, too, but the black guy on the street dressed in black shorts and a black t-shirt with neon lettering kind of looked at you and you saw he was innocent and kind of knew you didn’t know that he was a good guy, he ain’t wanna hurt nobody and you could tell. And it was gud, gud dat dey told you to be afraid in da ghetto cuz den you’d see how foolish you were for thinkin someone would snatch ya purse or something instead of just walk on past and somehow just let you know he was gud like you, but better because he had heard he was dangerous and was not mad at you, he just understood or something an you could feel how much like you he was, how human he was in a world that hated humans for being humans, especially blacks for being black and men for being men. The most dangerous being seemed suddenly the most gentle bein. Amen.


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