The Two-Headed Snake

The sign of the devil is a two-headed snake for those who deliberately (and with malintent) show one face to the world and another face when no one is watching. A voice told me this a long time ago, maybe a month ago. The snake and other reptiles–like the tortoise who won the race (in devil whirl) as the one who took the straight and narrow path, going one pace–represent those who are quick to change their temperature to whatever is outside. They are sell outs.

They have no respect for truth, consistency or INTEGRITY, i.e. standing one’s ground, not being “corrupted” by the outside. Those who are willing to be vulgur and “inappropriate” are likely showing you they have nothing to hide and have only one face. Those people are considered bad and are rejected in devil whirl, but they are favorites among God’s children. They are rappers who call others bitches and hoes.

They are rebellious kids segregated into purposeless “alternative” schools, they are the so-called mentally ill who tend to keep it real to a fault and are punished for it heavily by devil whirl. This (two-headed snake) type of person is most exemplified by whites who historically hid their true selves and among whom it is so important to keep up good appearances and put on a “good face.” I do believe I have met at least one white who was a “g” though, who kept it real. He was a child and he was considered to be “violent.”

I think he would have been diagnosed as schizophrenic if others saw his behavior the way I did, having so-called hallucinations, like that he had to save everyone from giant spiders on top of the school one day where I worked with him as a one-on-one teacher’s aide hired by an outside company specializing in services for so-called “at-risk youth.” Spiders, which I’ve always been fascinated by, are symbolic of those who weave invisible webs of deception to catch you in so they can suck out your insides, who you truly are.

They feed off your being an empty vessel, a follower of devil whirl which has no room for you to be yourself and survive by way of the hare: being so confident you can win by doing whatever the hell you want that you take naps and even curse if ya want to, even though it’s against the rules and makes you look bad (just like taking naps. What the–?). The hare lost in the story of the tortoise and the hare, remember?

Devil worshipers show only their “acceptable” self because they also feed off you feeling so bad about and alone in who you really are (your “private self”) that you would kill yourself or hide yourself or punish yourself by cutting yourself or quell the pain of feeling unacceptable with drugs or food. Sometimes they masquerade as followers of God, as nuns or other clergy or just your average Christian.

I have met blacks who were fake. So I don’t know what distinguishes devil worshipers the most. I have had a hard time telling who is one and who is not. That is bothersome to me. I guess I could trust what I want to see, but what I want to see often clashes with what I feel in my heart and what I see.

It’s tough to throw in the towel on someone, like I feel I must with the person I thought was my soul mate, the person who told me to “Get the hell out,” of the white-people farmer’s market (The South of the James Farmer’s Market in Richmond, VA), the market that I am supposedly now banned from simply for saying how I felt about the market on Facebook and some of the farmers there.

That is a violation of my right to freedom of speech, which is supposedly protected in devil whirl, but no one here (NO ONE!) respects it. They respect two-facedness here though. Of course they would: It’s devil whirl.

(I didn’t feel like stating here the latest times the post was changed or updated this time. It’s been updated a lot. This is just how I work.)


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