More On Two-Headed Snake (Updated)

“Self-destruction, you’re headed for self-destruction.” —  the hook in the song, “Self-Destruction” by rapper KRS-One

In my previous post I wrote about how the two-headed snake was a symbol of the devil. Actually the voice specified more recently that it was a white two-headed snake after I heard it say a while ago just that it was symbolic for the devil after I saw a former Facebook friend post a two-headed snake as her profile picture.

She unfriended me after I started saying whatever I wanted to say on Facebook in late May and after I sent her a messages just telling her how I felt about some things she posted on Facebook and some things she said about beating her son, but not wanting to (hehe). I did it to be upfront and not two-faced, which I guess is slightly different from two-headed, but whatever.

Her name was Kelly and she was annoying anyway because she was just so damned positive, and I just felt so strongly like there was something she was holding back, just always making jokes, but life is about so much more than “appropriate” things to say and it just frustrated me and I saw her as very resentful and rejecting of humanity and myself, actually.

Anyway, I just read here that two-headed snakes do not survive long in the wild after birth. I doubted it could after watching a video of it eating. It HAS TO have a human help or it would destroy itself. That says something about what this world expects people to do: Being someone you are not and having two faces causes you to destroy yourself and heavily depend on others because you are at odds with yourself/against your own self/unstable.

(Hmmm…. “unstable,” that reminds me of Constable, i.e. “with stability,” the meaning of the last name of the man I once thought was my soul mate and a source of sanity for me because he was one thing that represented that the TRUE–yet hidden–outer world matched my inner world, namely my attraction to white men that always seemed unreciprocated in devil whirl).

Having two faces or heads makes it impossible for this snake to survive. Both heads have to be fed at exactly the same time so one doesn’t fight the other for the food. Then a barrier has to be put in place when one finishes first, which is important because if they finish at the same time the food will coincide at the “fork in the road.” After it finishes eating on both sides, it has to have it’s mouth washed so the heads no longer smell the food on each other, so they won’t attack each other.

I have said before also that I do not believe in evolution or the theory of “survival of the fittest.” The physically fittest were blacks and they were conquered and oppressed by whites. Native Americans were also more fit to survive in the world, more respectful of nature and the planet. D’uh. I think the conquering is something God allowed for a reason, I guess the reason being to show that the truth will always prevail. The devil tries to corrupt man, but it cannot last.

The end is near, which we have been conditioned to fear, but I don’t think it will be a bad ending, except maybe for those who are here to see humans fail or maybe go extinct. I wonder if those things here fighting us in disguise are from another planet. Decoys is what voices have called them or “the devil’s minions.” That would make sense of this archetypal story and fearful idea of aliens trying to take over the world. Hmmm… I shall explore.


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