Keeping It In The Family

This is gonna sound offensive, but I was just imagining, just half-heartedly, myself with a man. I was kinda doing something else and the thought crossed my mind, I didn’t even know who the man was whom I imagined. For a minute, I was like, Was that a black man? So I more deliberately imagined myself kind of being groped and kissed by a black man (to see if I had any newfound interest in it) and I heard a voice say, “Keeping it in the family.”

I wonder if that’s what same-race love/relationships are considered outside of devil whirl. As you may know, I tend to be attracted to white men, even though I don’t do it intentionally AND I do notice when men of other races are handsome or striking or just very beautiful to the eye, as many black men are with their dark skin or naturally muscular backs glistening in the sun as they walk down a ghetto street (hehehe). My natural attraction to white men is just a preference I did not choose, but that I feel I have no choice but to honor for my own sanity and happiness and, I guess, self-love.

This “inbreeding” idea is significant because I was just reading a Wikipedia article about two-headed animals and people and wondered about how birth defects came about and read something in the article about too much inbreeding doing something. I don’t remember.


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[…] or any societal expectation that’s popular these days, whether it means lynching niggers or keeping it in the family no matter what’s […]

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