When Shit Make No Sense

I saw a part of this video called “The Curses of True Israel” yesterday and I was just thinking about it. The video is about how black people are the Israelites (spelling, usage?) and that God cursed them for disobeying him by saying they would be enslaved and separated from their children and not have money, etc.–basically the history and present-day reality of blacks.

But did God do those things? They didn’t happen by chance or by nature, white people did it with lots of effort and made-up science and fakeness (hiding how they really felt, for example Thomas Jefferson spoke about blacks’ beauty and intelligence being inferior and yet he had a long-time, mixed-race mistress who was certainly not considered white in those days).

Did God work through white people? Is that what these supposed Bible verses quoted in the video are saying? That people who rape and kill in the name of human inequality, that that’s God working through those people? Those people (white people) had theories behind what they did, like that blacks were uncivilized and had smaller brains and were a fraction of a person. Those things didn’t come from the Bible or any religion or higher purpose of helping people or making the world a better place for ALL (well, they said slavery and segregation did that and that the Bible said so, but, do you really think that’s why they did it?).

Those ideas supporting whites’ superiority, some the product of scientific studies (not unlike studies on so-called “mentally ill” brains today), explained why one group of people were lesser than another. Those ideas continued long after slavery, hundreds of years.

They probably helped the real people here feel like they could be certain slavery was right when really they were probably confused. It was probably confusing that so many people (who were probably devil decoys) were fervently supporting something that was so hard for real people to go along with (because they had God in their hearts). (God is inside, the devil is outside, a false ruler.)

Those ideas and practices (like slavery, which made people money, or segregation, which probably also furthered white profit somehow) were meant to make people feel like they were worth something because of external things, like how much money they made selling cotton or because of the color of their skin, things that could change from one generation to the next and even within one generation.

The skin color of black people who have that pigment-changing disease can change within one lifetime, for example. And a person can lose a fortune overnight or in even less time. What was inside was considered wrong and untrustworthy, i.e. “uncivilized.” Yup, that’s what they thought of God, or rather, that’s what Satan thought of God. And people thought it made sense to think their natural selves were totally evil, worthless pieces of shit to be discarded and fought like… the enemy (the enemy within and in the so-called “uncivilized” people with problems with their brains).

So, in short, dis video was STUPID. Not “stupit,” which can be gud. This video is to just further devil decoys’ purpose of justifying things that should’ve never happened and could’ve never happened if people didn’t believe so fervently, as they still do today, in following the crowd. It’s very annoying to see.

There will be all kinds of false direction outside, as history shows. And yet, people still follow so blindly the ways of the world. I am doing better going my own way these days. I suffered all my life, I could never quite get with the program. I didn’t know how I could be somebody in school or anywhere if it’s so unacceptable here to be yourself. Things I saw or felt I couldn’t say or do because they were mean or inappropriate or racist. I used to feel like a failure because I never fit in, suicidal even. Now that things make sense, I’m proud I was, am, and always will be a loser (a reject, a “mentally ill” person, an outsider) here… at least while it’s DEVIL WHIRL!

Dee Ennn!


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I whole heartedly agree with you my sister in that all of this is deception to make black people think this evil against them was from their god (white jesus). I personally refuse to believe that a loving God would get so angry at those He loves to allow this sort of treatment against His loved ones! Further more, there is no mention of the vises used to reduce our mental capacity that we have no real contact with the world of the spirit via mind manipulation….confused? Look up the pineal gland and see what you find. It’s all a bunch of lies and deception that we (black people) bought hook line and sinker and still sell It in the black church today. The truth is: MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. We simply don[‘t know who we are. We refuse to study. We just accept what ever they (white people and the church) tell us!!! WAKE UP!

Comment by waddell smith

I have thought before that things like artificial sweeteners are somehow used for mind control. I only thought this after someone posted a link on Facebook to a wikipedia article on some kind of lotus root that made people “forgetful of home”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus-eaters

I have also said before that black people tend to be “heaven-savvy” and whites tend to be “world-savvy.” I don’t know why this is, but blacks are looked down on for being different, for not being white here.

Anyway, I do think it’s confusing to see people all around you doing stuff that makes no sense. That’s how I felt most of my life and am still baffled at times today, but you’re right, it seems it’d take more than just a crowd to get people to go along with things like slavery. There are probably other mind control “vises” that I don’t yet identify as part of the following-the-crowd phenomena. It makes people a lot more forgivable and a lot less annoying to think there were more pieces to the puzzle than I even mention here, although I feel I’ve added a piece that helps: the deliberate misguidance by devil decoys to get people to do stuff they know is wrong.

Comment by Marla Luster

Definitely anti-psychotic medicine is a mind-control vice, like the lotus eaters’ plant (see wikipedia link in my other reply), an apathy-inducing thing. I was a different person, just more into cooking, which I lost all interest in once I stopped taking seroquel. At first your “symptoms” mimic the “dis-ease” of schizophrenia (just more fear, volatile responses to things) when you first stop then things balance out (I read this before on some wikipedia article I’ll have to find somehow).

Comment by Marla Luster

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