Ooooooh Yeeaaaah: enlustered.com Coming Soon

OMG, OMG, OMG. Soon I will be posting on the new web site that I am now fixing up. I just started (at least since I left Twitter and came here) to feel really dirty writing here, like the lowliest of low pieces of shit.

Yeah, so soon a new web site for “enlustered.” Yay. The site will be enlustered.com. Come find me when you notice there’s just crickets ’round here on the wordpress version of my blog. Technically, the new site isn’t a blog. I’m not tech savvy, but I’m guessing that’ll work.

Oooooooh. So excited. I feel like a real boy now, not just a piece a shit takin whatever crumms I ken git from a whirl that treats me like shit just for being myself and not taking their PREJUDICED, DISCRIMINATORY view that I’m a piece a shit because I hear voices and feel afraid of this world sometimes–it’s some scary shit here. Racism accepted as equality. Enough to drive a nigga crazy when he sees the truth. That’s what mentally ill people are: truth seers in a world where the truth is the enemy.

Anyway, new site comin’. Ooooooh. Yeeeeaaaah.


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