The Post They Won’t Post (Just Now)

“Oh. Thanks for putting that back in the place where it belongs, that post. What are you guys up to??? Please stop doing that. Don’t you have something better to do? *I’m not using YouTube anymore*, the time limit to wait to post stuff. Stupid. Like you and devil world. You’re dumb, like (CLOSET) racists always are.”

Here’s (above) what I was trying to post to YouTube because it posted one of my activities out of order, but then put it back. I think they were trying to make it look like I posted there and fixed up my channel, even though I thought they wouldn’t post my video. Not sure why they did that. Anyway, I’ll maybe post this comment there later, but I feel better getting shady entities outta my midst. I gotta figure out how to live without so many services granted to others…AS LONG AS THEY BE A TAMED BITCH and not be themselves. Right? Is that what it is? Do others really say what they wanna say? Miley (already looked down on by media, but does she speak freely)? Kanye (has already been given the middle finger by devil world, but does he speak freely? He seems to, but???)?


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