The Big Boys And Me (And God)
August 20, 2014, 7:14 pm
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I’m not using YouTube anymore. They try to make you bow down with those time limits for posting and then they’re putting stuff on my activities list out of order. I just feel like the social media outlets are very shady, very vindictive and playing by the rules of devil world where corporations have power and people are at their mercy. They do not believe in equality here. White people do not believe in it. It’s not racist, it’s true. Look at the world, made in their image, the product of years and years of their ways that they instituted after enslaving and robbing other people of other races (and the natural/true self in all people) and still do today. YouTube wants to rob people of the power to post a certain number of posts saying to let some time pass. Why? To make you be at the mercy of rules THAT MAKE NO SENSE as usual. Anytime people can explain their rules THE SAME TIME THEY GIVE THEM (and they make sense), there is a difference. It’s not as bad. It’s not meant to enslave and imprison you to their rule.

Oh, good thing God’s on my side, or “got the whole world in His hands.”


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