Can People Reclaim Their Brain?
August 18, 2014, 8:36 pm
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A voice was saying a little while ago that I had no one to thank but myself for my recovery. Uh, but I don’t know if I consider “schizophrenia” something to recover from, AT LEAST NOT IN MY CASE. Idk, I don’t think I was ever that bad. Well, I guess during the first episode I thought some far out stuff, but I think that just having another HUMAN BEING to really talk to would help.

You can talk to people who think you’re crazy, i.e. unreachable, i.e. a lost case as you are, i.e. meaningless and irrelevant AND THEN you can talk to a HUMAN BEING. Human beings are hard to find. Most people here do not believe in people. Strangely, it seems Native Americans believed in people enough not to see them as broken for hearing voices or being gay, two things I’ve heard about specifically in relation to Native American culture.

I don’t understand why NO ONE is like that here, at least not people I meet on a regular basis. It seems very strange that whites were able to extinguish this trait so well by whitewashing Native Americans or whitewashing people in American schools. Does any human survive whites’ assimilation to their way of life?



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