You Racist, Bitch
August 17, 2014, 11:01 am
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“We’re all entitled to our own opinion.” Right? But something called “appropriateness” says some opinions are right and some are wrong. Something called “freedom of speech” (which would imply you can say what you want without punishment when really there is always punishment) here is for those things deemed appropriate by the same people who thought it was appropriate to enslave people to work for free because of the color of their skin. Those people are called white people. And white people are still mainstream society then and now. White people are still the norm, still the dictators and standard setters… but only in devil world, the only world where people pretend it’s equal and say you’re inappropriate or delusional or a joke for saying the truth: That it’s as racist and unequal AS IT EVER WAS because the only way to be right here is to be white here, same as it ever was. You racist, bitch. Ya white bitches, you are racist as hell and you think it’s something to smile and laugh and grin in your wedding photos about when you’re miserable (so people will think you’re right when you’re 100 percent wrong about everything under the sun), but it’s not. You make me sick.


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