Slap Da Taste Out Ya Mouf (Post No. 101)
August 17, 2014, 8:30 pm
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I often crave something meaty, something that also often occurred when I was vegan. Then I just tried to eat some tofu or some seitan (I liked the Field Roast apple sage “sausages”). But really nothing like that ever REALLY hit the spot. Earlier I just wanted a sausage biscuit, but it was past the time for breakfast at places and I didn’t want the breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts (although I like DD). Right now I’m mostly satisfied, or at least my mind has moved on.

Just a mindless post. I do not feel like exploring the meaning of this at the moment, except to say that I think eating meat is perfectly fine. I don’t believe this reality is remedied by more deprivation. Deprivation is the root of problems here, not the remedy. What you want is the solution (meant to be satisfied FOR A REASON, instilled in you FOR A REASON). The reason being TO HEAL THE WORLD. To kill the devil.

So sue me. I like a lil meat… TO EAT (!), ya nasty bastards. I’m gonna call you Nas, like the rapper whose name is short for “Nasty.” Nas once said, “Owe me back like forty acres to blacks. Pay me back when you shake it like that girl.” I think the cows would say this, too. They forgive us for enjoying their milk an meat. And I bet they are nasty, too, but I reckon (and the voice says) they don’t get much sex, since females are artificially inseminated to continually produce milk (til they can’t no more). Poor bastards.

I don’t blame myself for this, though. I believe there’s a way to do everything, but devil world finds the most painful and guilt-inducing ways. And there are lots of decoys to feed, non-humans consuming more than they could ever give back in any form whatsoever, other than in the suffering of mankind they seek to bring. It’s their sole purpose for being here, brought here by the devil.

Now to sit around and do nothin’ til I think of something else to write on the blog. Hehehehe! The most honest racist you’ll ever meet, made in His image. He sees all, so how could He not be racist over this fake shit called “equality” and “integration”? Him who made it knows REAL equality and integration, the God-given REALITY you fight with every fiber of your being by being the fakest thing you could ever be by pretending to be what you are not, by pretending to be something other than the solution he made you to be.

You are the FAKEST people to ever walk the face of the earth, EVER! Not even hinting now at how much attention you give to race. You are worse than 1960s segregationists because you bury the fact that there is even something wrong six-feet deep. You call those who hurt from your RACISM(!) insane. You are walking dead called “living.” Things keep getting worse because they keep getting FAKER, “better” in devil-whirl terms. Fake bitches and motherfuckers!

(NOTE: On the title here, there were 101 dalmatians and there is the slang “101” meaning back to the basics of something. What does it all mean? Idk. I just write what comes out and it usually makes sense latah.


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