On Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is not a symbol of racial progress or racial equality AT ALL. He is a celebrated, devil-world symbol of how far black people could go if they weren’t the dumbest, laziest, most worthless pieces of shit the earth has ever seen. He is a symbol of how successful blacks would be… ONLY if they were white, i.e. forced themselves to follow the avenues and goals originally created by whites for whites and those brainless (and spineless and characterless) enough to follow them.

The white way is not the only way, except in devil world because whites killed (remade) those whose lands they took and whose ways were different instead of respecting, learning from or appreciating those people. Whites’ narrow way of valuing only white people is still the way of the world but a more balanced (humanity-respecting) reality is possible, just highly fought by devil world. The devil hates humans because God made them. His (and whites’ characteristic) remaking and heavy “editing” of humans is his way of being superior to God in “making” man.

Aside from Barack Obama’s life experience mimicking white’s highest values (such as excelling in an ivy-league school and marrying within his own race), he’s just the whitest black person you could ever put into office. He isn’t even of African American descent. His dad is African.

Africans look down on black people and, in my experience, are much more conformist and pro The Man (i.e. pro The American Dream, sacrificing who you are to have money/success) in many instances. His mom is white. He went to Harvard. He grew up in Hawaii. Was raised by white grand parents. He’s white. He hates free speech and loves appropriateness, reprimanding people for saying what they think. He pretends children’s lives are more valuable than those of adults. He believes in kissing his wife’s ass. He’s white.

So stop pretending racism is over YOU BRAINLESS, PIECE-OF-SHIT, WHITE BITCHES. Get a fucking brain.


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They should have elected a Korean. 🙂

Comment by Opinionated Man

That would probably reflect a more equality-minded population than America’s. Every race is below the white ideal, unless they act the way of and follow the path of seeming super white. Diversity is not valued AT ALL. Like I said, very brainless world, very black and white.

Comment by Marla Luster

And yellow!

Comment by Opinionated Man

Yes, I do tend to forget or dismiss the other races. Thanks for reminding me to be more human, less black and white. But what I was referring to as “black and white” here was America’s simplistic approach to making sense of things. Someone did tell me a biblical theory on race, btw, and Asians had a less harmful description than whites, but honestly I do tend to kind of forget about other races until they keep being front and center–and I wonder how to think of them, really. It’s easy to discount people in this world because we dismiss ourselves, what we feel, really want to say so much that no one really seems human anyway.

Comment by Marla Luster

I just hate when people say “black and white” is all. 🙂

Comment by Opinionated Man

P.S. The theory just gives ideas, I don’t base my opinions on outside things, just use them to reinforce my own personally derived ideas. I don’t blindly accept stuff, not usually. What he said was still racist, and honestly I don’t really believe it or take it as reflective of the value of a group of people. He said Asians were a birth defective people born of incest. But it seemed “nice” when he said that because he said whites were evil and not human because they have no “hue,” meaning they’re not human. I don’t believe that, but I do believe there are those among us who are not human and who have no real racial identification because their only interest is in hurting people, whatever their race, by extending a reality that is meant to do just that.

Comment by Marla Luster

[…] I hear voices and feel afraid of this world sometimes–it’s some scary shit here. Racism accepted as equality. Enough to drive a nigga crazy when he sees the truth. That’s what mentally ill people are: […]

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