No Blacks Here (On A Music Video)

Dancers have never been so unattractive. Now that I see through the shit and racism that is devil whirl. White is right no matter the venue in devil whirl, even when blacks can dance better den any white person. Ain’t no blacks in dis video. No real blacks and there are real black dancers out there. The reason they don’t use them in this video is because they want you to know blacks are ugly. They been tellin me since I was old enough to hear it. Did you hear it? Of course you did, you’re just ashamed to say it out loud… if you’re white, anyway, as so many people are, even those devil whirl calls otherwise.

Stop being racist and tryna hide it, Shay Whiteys. I See Through You. “Cancer is spreading when you say it is them who is racist. They want you to say it’s only people like Donald Sterling.” (A voice just toll me that.) Shay Whitey loves for things to be black and white and easy and brainless, like saying someone is racist for saying things explicitly that imply he notices race when Shay Whitey don’t go a moment without noticing race AND NEVER SAYING A DAMN THING for the purpose of making you go insane for seeing the truth behind the fakeness and smiles and coverup and racial segregation here that is called “preference.” SIKE. It’s NOT preference. It’s fear and…

More like trying to be worth something by being who society says belongs here and that’s people who stick to their own kind, not those freaks who wanna lil jungle action. Jungle because animals aren’t so hung up on color as the brainless bastards running this world–AND those following it. Dumb bitches.

The black and white preference of making sense of things, btw, is why I never made it in devil whirl schools, the most brainless institution dere is. I’m ugly here. I’m stupid here. I’m worth nothing here… because I’m black.

Ooooh. It’s so ugly when someone says the truth. When someone is something other than white. When someone wants to have sex. When someone is attracted to someone outside his race… When someone is real. Not fake.


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