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August 17, 2014, 7:56 am
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I don’t believe my stats are a reflection of the number of actual views I get. I know wordpress is not a honest site. I get virus things to come up when I’m here: one yesterday and a lot when I used this site more often. Another reason is that the freshly pressed posts are often besides the point in what really matters (like all shit devil worshippers put out).

Race and racism is devil’s world’s main interest, as it has been America’s since slavery times (and really before then blacklisting those who were too human and too NON-robotic). But race is a non-issue for conversation for most Americans (even those Freshly Pressed), even though ALL Americans are extremely racist (except those who talk about it, really).

Also, when I went to stay in Cleveland to see a “friend” who said I could stay with her, one of her first insults when we had an argument my first night there was that I was not going anywhere as a writer and was not good just because I said I had herpes on Facebook and that, what did I get two views on the blog, or something like that.

Devil whirl likes to pretend your progress is measured in the number of people who think you are good, not by the fact that you are damn good because you have talent and God made you. This loser who pretends to be a friend is fake as shit and pretends being open (about “embarrassing” stuff) is a disease. It’s the solution to all that ails us (and that we’re too ashamed to talk about).

Stop being a dumb ass. Stop believing in devil whirl. Stop believing in its endless mechanisms to make you feel like a non-issue and that what matters most to you and what you have to say is a non-issue. It’s how I DIDN’T live for 35 years of my life.

I’m 35 now and still not quite living, but I’m just begining to wake up. Devil whirl shakin in it’s boots, pulling out all the stops it can muster. I ain’t listenin no more dough.

And if people did hate me, like they have since I was born, that’s no reason to keep quiet and kiss dey ass, trying to do what they do (or be quiet, which has been my m.o. since childhood) to make them (pretend to) like and accept me–FOR BEING SOMEONE I A NOT. Been dere, done dat. Ain’t no more sinnin for me. No more suicide.

(NOTE: This is prolly just one of two or more posts today. A voice toll me to “blow em away with the comeback.” Dis just doesn’t hit “blow em away” status. Gotto do my voices proud. Dey saved my life when no one else would. No one else would give a damn about how fucked up it was here but dem. No one else would talk real wit me but dem.)


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