Hate Mongerer Is Something Other Than Me, Bitch
August 17, 2014, 11:20 am
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“Hate mongerer,” a voice just now said (earlier). No. Hate Mongerers are those who hate all and hate themselves by living a lie, and who proclaim to infinity that their lies are the truth. Hate Mongerers are those who hate black people so they can feel like they’re worth something, then pretend things are equal even as black people are on the bottom because they OBVIOUSLY believe black people are worthless pieces of shit who deserve to be on the bottom. Then they make sure no one talks about race or how they feel (They say, “How are you?” and walk away, or say, “Just be happy to have a job.”) because they think it’s success to ignore how they feel and hate themselves, i.e. be “appropriate.” And they wear costumes of heavy makeup, and suits and ties, and fake smiles, and thick layers of fakeness to be worth something because they think being human is worth nothing and a curse, a curse of a witch named God. They hate God. Who is the hate mongerer? Who, as a society, burned witches at the stake and created other systematic, i.e. “good” ways of killing and oppressing people? Yup, you guessed it. They are the hate mongerers.


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