‘Come Get It Bae’ By Pharrell and Miley
August 17, 2014, 8:39 am
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They never play this song in Philadelphia. What up wit dat? Awe, no views, guess I gotta stop posting. Why do anything if people aren’t paying attention to how worthy of their time and attention you are? It’s not satisfying unless people notice, right? Like they notice anytime things need their attention here in the U.S. of A, right? People always notice worthy things here, right? Things like that artists are worth something, too. Or that blacks aren’t dumb just because they don’t do well in white schools, right? Or that interracial attractions aren’t meant to be buried six feet deep along with the lives we’re meant to lead if we have balls AND a penis.


BTW: And I still do believe there are more views. It’s just a feeling. Devil whirl does try to discourage by making you think people dislike you (like I had a lot of made up people following and then, OF COURSE, unfollowing me on Twitter based on me saying things devil whirl castrates people not to say in devil whirl capital (the United States)). “Living” for social acceptance: It’s the American Way, more than any other way. This is it. Death. Come get sum.



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