A ‘Dislike’ Button
August 17, 2014, 10:55 pm
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A “Dislike” Button like the one on Youtube (or is it Google?) would make me feel less like a desperate piece of shit in need of someone to like, but for God’s sakes not dislke, stuff I say. I just feel a little diminished by the thought that I really need or should be so ecstatic that people like shit. In dummy-stupid voice: And now that they don’t like you, you get nothing, you hear nothing of what they think now.

This is like what I was thinking earlier when black people say talk to the hand and other stuff black people say and it’s considered rude. Really it’s not rude. White people say talk to the hand all the time, except they don’t say it to your face, they call their lawyer and have the lawyer say cease and desist in a letter or whatnot. What is worse than saying talk to the hand? Saying you’re not even worth my time for me to say talk to the hand. In fact you’re such a worthless piece of shit and reject piece of a human being that I don’t even consider you human, that I need protection against you because you’re a monster and you don’t deserve to breathe the same air as me.

Black people are seen as rude for being blunt, and dangerous for a number of other things shown on the news (that are really lies, I think, I really do). But white people are the real threats against humanity. They are goons and goblins for real, made all the more scary because they pretend they are good for pretending you don’t exist. It’s even worse than naming their slave ship, Le Amistad. These motherfuckers will eat your brain for breakfast and call it delecatessen (spellin — d’oh?).


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