G-Rated Photos That Wouldn’t Post To Twit…

I’m just uploading some pics here that Twitter wouldn’t load. I feel treated unfairly now by yet another social media site. I just wanted to casually show some shorts I was bout to wear today, but just felt too exposed in and didn’t want to get attention from people assuming I’m available because I’m black and wearing short shorts. Sorry, but this is annoying that only black men approach me, especially in mostly white areas. I feel kind of racially profiled. (This sounds Uncle Tom-ish, but I’m saying how I feel. It feels very old-fashioned and racist, actually.)

I’m not really interested in wearing them to attract white men, either, really just to be inappropriate and just not give a shit (and be liberated dress-wise, like I was in early college and late high school years–things changed since then). I chose to wear the more safe (and (stereotypically) saintly) shorts. The short shorts will look less sexy for the sake of being sexy if I pair them with a different top and shoes, just something more fashionable, or worn for fashion’s sake. I have very few clothes now (since I left a lot at the former sister’s house when she kicked me out giving me a day to leave) and especially since I have to do laundry, which is tougher now having to go to the laundry mat. Sheesh. Acha cha cha… (So strange. What’s wrong with me? Just had to end with some weird noises that just came to my mind and insisted on being expressed here in closing. I’m so strange… Eeeeeks.)

Oh, I’m taking more pics now, checking myself out more, exploring the sexy/good-looking me because that’s just the chapter I’m in now. I’m kind of transitioning from being so uptight and habitually celibate and totally sexless. I don’t know how to put that creatively or mildly. I don’t want to be a slut (not really, at least not sloppily), but I just don’t want to be a nun or so chaste, either. Ewww. Both extremes are kind of unloving and depriving of real satisfaction: sleeping with people randomly (not selectively or arrousingly/excitedly AND withholding yourself from everyone, even the most attractive people you see and feel hot or interested in). Gosh, I’ve done both, really, but I was never really a slut because I didn’t do that non-selective sex/sleeping around long or continuously. I kinda just went with the flow thinking I was missing out or not having sex like a normal person at one point (and wondering if I’d eventually really have good sex).

And then for the past ten years I been not having sex or relationships, just not wanting to have meaningless sex or undesirable (settle-for-less) mates that I’ve always had in the past. I guess I’m talking control: seeking to have sex with those I want and not settling for less. It’s the best of both worlds. I want to write something else on this, but I just did this mainly to post the pics. This kind of writing is a bit of a comeback for me, as I’ve been doing a lot of short bursts of stuff on social media. But my plan is to return somehow. Don’t know how to do it because I appreciate the short bursts thing and not having to organize or focus or put things together, but I’ve kinda been shut out of the most-used social media outlets.

Twit won’t post my pics for some reason and FB just blocked my page and removed posts and never returned the removed posts, probably so you won’t contest them removing them OR know for sure how you violated the rules because you (I) probably didn’t really violate the rules. (Plus, they gave no warning, by the way, just a pretend warning then blocked my page by deeming posts that I made BEFORE the warning were inappropriate or against the rules.)

Note: There’s a security warning on this page that I never saw before and just wanted to express that I’m concerned someone might try to alter the photos or something, idk. Devil worshippers are getting desperate and really down low in their attempts to intimidate and oppress me (cancelling my credit card, which was later (changed/lied about to be) said to only be blocked, for example).

I do this honkey dorrey move a lot. It's meant to deemphasize my hotness

I do this honkey dorrey move a lot. It’s meant to deemphasize my hotness

Rocking short shorts, only inside, dough...

Rocking short shorts, only inside, dough…

Flat as a pancake, just the way my whitey crushes like it.

Flat as a pancake, just the way my whitey crushes like it.

Tryna look pretty n be hot, too (lookin skinny) awwe yeah.

Tryna look pretty n be hot, too (lookin skinny) awe yeah.

Can't wear bootie shorts and not take a bootie shot. Hell yeah.

Can’t wear bootie shorts and not take a bootie shot. Hell yeah.

Eighties flashback, selfie-style

Eighties flashback, selfie-style. These are the more “safe,” saintly shorts.

Monkey me, monkey you.

Monkey me, monkey mm-you.

Eeee. Uuuuuu. (monkey sounds).

Eeee. Uuuuuu. (monkey sounds).

Another money shot.

Another money shot. (Flat) bootie, bootie, bootie all around.


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