July 29, 2014, 4:47 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Facebook let me log on to my page and I tried to post this status (below) on the site but I was still blocked even though I was unjustly blocked from the site. It’s okay, they will pay when the devil loses control of the world. Here’s the message, which was blocked. I will post it later there on Facebook:

Earlier this morning (around 9 a.m.) I noticed my Facebook account was disabled after Facebook SAID I posted more things that went against user policy. It was supposed to be suspended for 24 hours but they were wrong in freezing the account in the first place because they sent a warning then disabled the account the next day claiming that additional statuses that were inappropriate but the “new” (really OLD!) statuses they said were inappropriate were posted BEFORE the warning. I will not be using Facebook anymore as a result of the strict policies and hasty freezing of my account, which was unjust. I now will use twitter (@marla6379) or my blog (enlustered.wordpress.com) to post freely using my consitutional right of freedom of speech. Find me at those places please, also some of the posts deleted I posted on the blog and the others I hope to put up soon if they are not lost forever. I also encourage you to use other social media other than Facebook as I believe it is run by devil worshippers who froze my account to scare into not saying what I want to say. Devil worshippers have hatred for humanity and people being their natural selves. A devil-worshipping site is not a good site for use social media, OR SINCERE EXPRESSION. For twitter, feel free to use celebrities as friends to get through the log in process the first time, that’s what I did. Also, notice that you don’t have to connect to your email address like I did. I didn’t realize until later that I didn’t have to. It’s complicated to sign up, but keep the faith, I’d love for you (soul mate) to find me on there, please. I love you and miss you. –Marla


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