July 29, 2014, 9:26 am
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Here are posts Facebook froze my account for AFTER they warned me once first (yesterday) and I NO LONGER used people’s full names. I followed their warning and they went back today and punished me AGAIN for posts I made BEFORE they warned me the first time. Then they froze my account for posting things that were there BEFORE their warning. A voice said they froze my account last night but I didn’t believe it. Now I do.

Here are posts they removed and punished me for even though they were posted at BEFORE they warned me about my posts. They blocked my account today for posts I made BEFORE they warned me. Facebook is for DEVIL WORSHIPPERS. DO NOT USE FACEBOOK, UNLESS YOU ARE A DEVIL WORSHIPPER. USE TWITTER WHICH IS WHERE I WILL NOW BE POSTING.

Here are the posts they removed (below). I will post the other posts they removed when my account is up and running again tomorrow. But I WILL NOT POST THERE ANYMORE because they were SHADY AND DISHONEST in removing the posts and blocking me AFTER I stopped using people’s full names and tried to follow the rules. They punished me twice for things I did before the first time they warned me. They WANTED TO PUNISH ME AND BLOCK MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE THEY ARE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS! DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE!

Post 1: Going to see if I can talk to that lady and I’ll come back. Anyway, lots of people trying to talk to me and make friends with me today. Perhaps it’s because the world is ending and I’m getting close to the end, me and Brad Constable, my soul mate? I love you Brad. Talk to you again soon, babe. XOXO


Post 2: Oh, OMG, something CRAZY interesting I heard last night: A voice said a bunch of stuff amounting to how cows never “catch a squat. They never cum. They only leave,” it said. It’s talking about how cows birth calves with some invitro injection or something just to give their milk to humans not the calves. It said something about the mother’s milk feeding those who need it most–not sure what that means, BUT it compared Brad (Constable) to the cow. “He’s your new best friend because you can’t stand to see him go the way of the cow–feeding everybody but never gets fed.” My conclusion: Brad never gets sex like cows get sex, but produces a lot of food to feed others, just like the cow produces a lot of milk to feed others. Isn’t that shit FASCINATING!?!?! Also the voice said about his wife (Linsay Constable): “She feeds him food from stores that won’t buy his produce because they know he is the savior come save them from the devil world.” It also said, “She made him pay for keeping his pants up after she told him to screw whomever he wanted.” Wow, these are “just” voices and I guess people say I’m crazy for hearing them, but wow, I wonder if any of this is true. I guess I believe it. I do. I will find out when I move to Farmville. The voice also said something about her making him pay twice the amount in taxes he’s supposed to pay. Well, can’t say I already didn’t believe she was not good for the farm or good for the business. That’s just my opinion. No way to prove it unless I looked at any forms or got any information from anyone other than the voices. The voices are my only source of information. They are fascinating. Can’t wait til the affair begins so I can find out more. Of course, like I said, I haven’t heard anything at all from Brad since the last time I saw him at the South of the James Farmer’s Market in June the day my sister kicked me out of the house I was living in with her. We don’t have any other interaction than that of a customer and a farmer who seemed to like to talk to each other, no interaction or talking outside of the market. So what I’m saying could be all in my head and this world says DEFINITIVELY that the voices make me CRAZY, so it is CERTAIN (for some reason??? How???) that I am wrong and the voices are from nowhere and mean nothing, apparently. Obviously, I disagree.


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