Why the unhappiness?
April 13, 2014, 11:07 am
Filed under: Human Potential


There’s ebb and a flow to life, but underneath it all, there’s mystery, and joy, and happiness. There’s something that wants you to be happy. Are you listening? Are you receiving the message? Or are you distracted by the monotonous ongoings and worries of life?

When nature tries to speak to you in the form of a cloud passing through the sky or a tree blowing in the wind, are you paying attention? Or are you lost in the world of your mind?

Are you happy? Do you take life too seriously? Or do you laugh easily?

Everything can come together if you allow it to. Or you can fight it until the day you die or until something powerful enough comes along to rip away the need to control and the inability to let go, whichever comes first.

We weren’t made to run a rat maze of jobs and…

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