Not Oz, But Heaven
December 28, 2013, 1:51 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

“What’s [the world] to a nonbeliever/Who don’t believe in anything?”

— Adapted By Me from the song “No Church in the Wild”

I like my adaptation of these lines so much better than the words Frank Ocean sings in the song “No Church in the Wild.” He sings “a God” where I have inserted “the world.” I’m freeing myself from the world lately. Whenever I feel myself getting jealous, for example, or being critical of others, I allow it, rather than judging it as “bad.” Then I remind myself that it doesn’t matter if I’m jealous or critical. In reality neither of these things exist beyond my belief in this world’s judgments (such as that people with less money are less fortunate, or that people who are younger are more attractive). This world’s judgments are in the world what long kisses are in a soap opera: substance to keep the story going. They are what The Wizard of Oz was to Dorothy and her friends before he came out from behind the curtain: a reward and a reason for following the beaten path, also known as the Yellow Brick Road. I’m starting to see this world as a dream I am awaking from. And I feel more like a million dollars than I’ve ever felt–if a million dollars is as valuable as it is believed to be. Perhaps it’s more fitting to say, I feel like heaven.


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