The Over-edited Performance Called Reality
July 23, 2012, 1:00 pm
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“I would believe more in what we call ‘reality’ if it included what people really thought, felt and did, and didn’t exclude so much of what we consider ‘private,’ ‘shameful,’ or ‘inappropriate.'”

— Marla Luster


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Can you give more specific examples of what’s excluded that should be included… ?? 😉

Comment by Gledwood

We have a hard time telling someone he has food in his teeth. I think it’s because we don’t really handle the ups and downs–especially the downs–of life well in conversation or speech; when my dad died no one told me how he died for many years. We have a hard time mentioning the word “death” in American culture. But also there are some things that my family would prefer others not to know about my dad’s death. Race is a taboo subject. When we ask someone how he’s doing, we often don’t get a real rundown of how he’s doing. In fact, a lot of times people don’t even stick around for the answer. I think we just really miss out on the real story behind people’s lives and that annoys me because I think it separates people and because it makes me feel lonely as a real human being. It’s hard for me to hide things, although I definitely have been hiding a lot lately, even on my blog.

Comment by Enlustered

Change starts with you, so don’t hide. I know it makes me feel more comfy when I am with someone who dares to hide nothing.

I think that most of the stuff we think other people care about or shun is really just the stuff we feel unhappy about within ourselves. Accept whatever it is you think is unacceptable in you and everyone else will have no choice but to accept it as well. If not, too bad for them. “To thine ownself be true” by you know who. xoxo.

Comment by kluster2001

Um, I may feel unhappy about some things lately, but I don’t think it’s all in my head that so much is taboo in American culture. I think I’m just hyper-aware of it.

Comment by Enlustered

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