A Wish List
July 10, 2012, 4:39 pm
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In no particular order, here (below) is a wish list I wrote last Wednesday when I was feeling down. I almost didn’t include number one because I felt it was a bit shallow. (I gave almost all my clothes away last year when I wasn’t thinking clearly.)

Desire List (written July 4, 2012):

1. A wardrobe of clothes to wear that is comfortable and reflective of my appreciation for simplicity and bold moves.

2. A positive attitude and outlook on life.

3. More than anything, I want to write a book about my experience with mental illness.

4. To be engaged in activities and not so focused on eating for enjoyment.

5. To be good with children, especially teens and rebellious young people.

6. To be confident, open, and expressive of who I am, with others and in life.

7. (Omitted because it’s depressing – relates to having better access to healthcare.)

8. An income to support myself and enable me to live independently.

9. To be unafraid of life and what may come.

10. To be at peace with myself and life. In A New Earth, Eckart Tolle says we are one with life.


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