Changing An Unhappy Birthday
June 3, 2012, 6:45 pm
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This is the first birthday I’ve spent unemployed. It didn’t even seem like it was time for a birthday as the days sped passed leading up to it, and I fretted over finding a job. I really hope this is my last birthday looking for a job while being unemployed, and having no specific schooling or experience to distinguish myself from other job applicants.

I’ve spent most of my career days since I graduated from college in December 2001 working in odd jobs, as a substitute teacher, a teacher’s aide (only employed during the school year), and working in a gym where my hours were cut if I didn’t have appointments.

The experience in gyms and in education seems like it’d be more useful if I had steady employment, but I didn’t. For example, in taking a chance on writing a book, I spent the last year unemployed. (I was partly influenced by my illness, which made me think I was supposed to quit my job.)

Of course, all I’ve just mentioned is the down side of my situation. I feel I’ve spent most of my adult life looking at the myself and my life from the down side, often expecting the worst. Perhaps things have often turned out as “bad” as I’ve expected them to. So more than fixing the employment situation (life is unpredictable), I hope to fix my outlook on life.

I have a perfect companion to help in this arena. I’ve been reading A New Earth by Eckart Tolle. It’s very eye-opening. I’m about a third of the way through the book, and I can already look at my average approach to life as demonstrated in what I wrote above, and say, “I am creating misery for myself in this moment,” as Eckart Tolle suggests we say when we take a negative perspective on situations. Experiences and situations are neither “good” nor “bad,” he says in A New Earth; they just are as they are.

In honor of what I’ve learned from the book, I’ll attempt to look on the bright side of my life and current situation, starting now: I got to spend a year working on a book, something I’ve wanted to do since I was in high school. I just accepted a part-time job doing something I’ll enjoy (working with kids). I’ve got two interviews next week, one for a part-time job that, if I get it, would bring my total work hours per week to 32 hours. That’s practically full time.

More postive stuff, to avoid creating misery for myself: Getting an interview shows that I have an attractive resume, which is good. I can also seek help in searching for employment at the Good Will since I have a disability (schizophrenia). I’ll still have a half a day after my part-time job to continue to search for employment.

Plus, I’m smart enough to go back to school to change my career path–and I want to become an English teacher. And I’m reading a book that just may change my life by helping me change my outlook on life.

I’ve heard again and again, “Attitude is everything.” It’s time I started acting like it.


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Good for you and Happy Birthday!! I’m going to have to check out that book. Being unemployed usually makes me less depressed (my dream job was housewife) but for some reason I’ve been in a funk myself the last week or so.

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